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RAID 1 Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experiences in restoring data from RAID 1 arrays.

RAID 1 Recovery

In nearly all RAID 1 recovery cases, the needed data can be restored. Even though RAID1 provides a higher redundancy through mirroring of the data, these Arrays can still fail any time. Our highly qualified technicians and engineers are specialized in recovering data from defective RAID systems.

In more than 98 % of cases, seemingly lost data of RAID1 arrays can be recovered.

Structure of a RAID 1 Array

Structure of a RAID 1 Array

Attingo - Your specialist for data Recovery of RAID 1 Arrays

The failure of mirrored RAID 1 hard drive Arrays is no Uncommonness. The frequent Recovery of failed RAID1 systems guarantee you technicians with know-how and lots of routine, even when working on more complex error patterns.

RAID 1 Recovery - We help you after data loss

  • We provide multiple diagnosis options depending on the urgency of your data rescue case
  • After the diagnosis is completed you receive a fixed price offer
  • No hidden costs - Expenses are only incurred if the RAID1 data rescue is successful
  • The recovery of your RAID1 will be done by experienced and specially trained engineers
  • Fast reaction times - in urgent cases, we offer a 24x7 service
  • In-house research and development for fast virtual simulations of your RAID 1 Array
  • Profound knowledge about internal system structures, algorithms and behaviour of RAID 1 controller
  • Special server-recovery-tools and individually developed equipment to read-out and recover storage data
  • More than 14.500 spare parts in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam

Contact us - order your diagnosis today.


RAID 1 data loss? How to prevent consequential damage

  • Keep calm if your RAID 1 is offline.  It happens very often, that one of the RAID1 array hard drives fail without any notice, the redundancy is in-existent. This error pattern is not uncommon, in most cases it only gets noticed when the second hard drive failed as well. So the data on both defective hard drives varies. Because of this, we always recommend to send all hard drives of the RAID1 array..
  • Avoid playing back backups onto the RAID1 Array. If there is no more data access because of logical damages, we strongly recommend to not play back the backup on the affected hard drives. If this backup proves to be incomplete or corrupt, valuable raw data will already be overwritten by it. As a consequence, the data recovery of the RAID1 system will be even more complex and incomplete.

Causes for data loss of mirrored RAID Arrays

The RAID controller failed

A defective RAID-Controller is a possible reason, when there is no more access to the data of RAID 1 arrays. The cause can be physical damages or errors in BIOS or the software. Especially firmware updates can lead to data loss. Swapping the controller with an exact model will most of the time not lead to the desired result, normally there are individual configuration parameters for each controller. Chances for a RAID 1 data recovery with this error pattern are very high.

Accidentally deleted data

If data was deleted by accident, the data of all hard drives of the RAID 1 array will be synchronously deleted as well. Under certain circumstances, deleted data of RAID1 can be recovered.

One hard drive of the RAID 1 array failed before

As mentioned before, one of the hard drives of RAID 1 systems can fail without any notice. The redundancy is lost.

Errors in the file system, corrupt updates

Errors within the file system can also lead to data loss of RAID1 arrays. Also - especially with NAS systems - firmware updates or bugs can cause problems with the mirrored array.

Experience with Attingo RAID 1 Recovery
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2021-04-06: , 2x Western Digital Red NASware WD20EFAX-68FB5N0 aus My Cloud EX2 Ultra WDBVBZ0040JCH-20 | Linux

Äußerst positiv und professionell. Danke nochmals!
2021-03-20: , 2x WD20EFRX-68EUZN0 aus Western Digital MyCloud | Linux | EXT4

Danke und bis "hoffentlich" für mich, nicht so bald wieder. Wenn, dann aber gleich. :-)

2018-08-20: , Seagate Constellation ST2000NM0033 aus Synology RS3617xs+ | Linux | BTRFS

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