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Research and Clean Room
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with all common systems.

Research and Clean Room

Attingo has its own research department for data carrier mechanics, chemistry, physics and electronics as well as the analysis of new logical storage formats.

Extract from our research spectrum

Examples of mechanical research

Development and production of new tools for changing disk stocks, transplanting magnet disc stacks or adjustment and recostruction of read/write heads.

Examples of chemical research

Special processes for reparation of hard drive liquid bearings and surfaces after fire or water damage, methods for reading out memory chips in sandwich construction.

Examples of physical research

Stabilisation of defective disk stocks, fine adjustment of read/write heads i

Examples of electronical research

Methods for transplanting processors, hardware hard drive PCB ond control order manipulation.

Examples of logical storage format research

Reverse engineering of new file systems and RAID controllers, development of data rescue software, reverse engineering of hard drive firmware

In-house research

Attingo develops tools and software solutions. We reverse engineered all common RAID controllers and are able to simulate them virtually via software. Even complex RAID recovery cases can be processed in a little while.

Attingo also researches, reverse engineers and develops for data rescue projects on behalf of the client, for example with proprietary systems.

Manager of our research and development department is Peter Franck, who has more than 35 years of experience in the field of data rescue, inter alia as offical expert and UN weapons inspector for computer forensics.

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Clean room laboratory

The write/read heads inside a hard drive are floating only a few dozen nanometers (1000 times thinner than a human hair) over the magnet disks. Even the smallest particles like dust grains can cause the write/read heads to crash onto the data carrier surface. Therefore hard drives may only be opened in clean room laboratories.

Our special in-house tools and profound knowledge are needed to change the write/read heads or transplant the magnet disks. Attingo has modern clean room laboratories and well trained staff with longstanding professional experience in all subsidiaries (Hamburg, Vienna and Amsterdam).

To perform a successful data rescue all of our technicians have comprehensive knowledge and professional competence. All of our enigneers are trained in-house and get regular further training.

The daily tasks of our technicians are:

  • Diagnosis and reparation of electronical damage on PCBs, write/read heads and other electronical components.
  • Changing defective wirte/read heads under the microscope in the clean room
  • Transplantation of the magnet disc stacks (data carrier surfaces) from hard drives into their new cases
  • Squeezing out defective hard drive stocks (on which the magnet discs sit), e.g. liquid bearings
  • Cleaning the data carrier surfaces, for example after fire or water damage or massive surface damage
  • Data reconstruction after software damage like defective file systems or files, virtualized environments or faulty RAID structures.

Our clean room conditions


  • Clean rooms of the ISO 5 class after ISO 14644-1
  • ESD floors
  • Antistatic work surfaces

Technical staff

  • Clean room protective clothing
  • Protective clothing against static electricity after EN 1149-5
  • Antistatic writ collar (1 MΩ)
Attingo Team
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