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Questions and answers about data recovery
We have many years of experience with all current systems and take care of the professional restoration of your data.

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

FAQ - Overview
Overview of frequently asked customer questions about Attingo and about data recovery
What are the costs for a data recovery?
Professional data recovery is expert work and requires years of experience, complex tools and laboratory equipment.
Befindet sich das Labor in Deutschland?
Sämtliche Diagnose-, Analyse- und Datenrettungsarbeiten erfolgen in unserem zentralen deutschen Reinraumlabor in Hamburg.
Where are our laboratories?
All diagnosis, analysis and data recovery work is being done within our europe-wide laboratories.
How does my storage media get to Attingo?
Attingo picks up your storage media:A europe-wide free-of-charge pick-up of your already packed storage media is included in our High Priority Service and Business Service.
How do I get my recovered data back?
The result of the data recovery is offered on an external USB data carrier (external hard drive), which is included in our offer.
Why is my data not recoverable?
Generally speaking, data can be restored and reconstructed in more than 98 % of cases.
How long does the diagnosis and data recovery take?
Based on our years of experience, we can estimate the average handling time for diagnosis and datarecovery for most of the common error patterns.
What is an extended diagnosis?
An extended diagnosis is offered in special cases if the effort required exceeds our standard service and / or the expected result is likely to be bad.
Will the price be cheaper if I only need one or a few files?
Data recovery is primarily about reviving the data medium for the last time in order to be able to reconstruct the data it contains.
Why is the data recovery from monoliths so expensive?
The data recovery of monoliths is - compared to other (flash) storage media - much more complex, because the controller unit, the memory chips and other components are bundled toghether within a single component.
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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions
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