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Hard Drive Reparation
We restore your data from hard drives and are experienced with all common hard drive manufacturers!

Hard Drive Reparation

Expert knowledge and professional equipment (clean room laboratories, structurally identical spare parts and tools) are necessary for a hard drive reparation. Our experience has shown that a hard drive rescue in nearly every case.

Hard drive reparation or data rescue?

Hard drive reparation refers to physcial damage. The following components can be damaged:

    • Write/read heads
    • Hard drive electronics (PCB)
    • Spindle bearings
    • Hard drive motor
    • Ferromagnetic surfaces (magnetic discs)
    • Magnets that position the write/read heads
    • Service Area

What are the reasons for hard drive damages?

The most common reason for defects of hard drives are of physical nature

    • Fall or heavy vibrations / Headcrash, clicking Heads
    • Wrong power supply was attached to the (external) hard drive
    • Wear and tear
    • Hard drive was is use under high temperature or temperature fluctuation
    • Failed firmware updates / firmware error
    • Manufacturing errors or transport damages
    • Hard drive won't work from one day to another without any particular reason

Why a hard drive reparation often doesn't bring success

The aim of hard drive reparation is to treat a defective data medium so that it can be used as usual again. But unfortunately this is impossible in many cases. Defective sectors, for example, cannot be repaired. Damaged write/read haeds often induce a headcrash. The repaired hard drive is going to break down again after a short time, because the new heads are get damaged by the ferromagnetic surfaces. You also have to keep in mind that opening a hard drive causes minimal dejustations of the mechanical components. So a breakdown of the previously repaired hard drive is only a matter of time.

Aims of a data rescue

During a data rescue a hard drive is temporally repaired so the data can be read out ONE LAST TIME. Attingo is specialised in restoring defective hard drives since over 25 years. The data rescue is solely performed in our in-house laboratories and by experienced technicians and engineers. We developed special methods for reading out sectors after a headcrash, concussion, overvoltage after connecting a wrong power supply unit, water or fire damage.

Your next steps after data loss:

  • Turn off your hard drive and don't apply power to the device anymore to prevent subsequential damage and increase the chances of a successful data rescue.
  • If possible, please tell us the exact model number or series number and capacity of your device/s.
  • We advise you on our Diagnosis Services and the process of the data rescue. Our staff is available all around the clock for an emergency data rescue.
  • Take a look at our packaging tips, so your hard drive arrives in our laboratory safely and well protected.
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