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Computer and IT Forensics
Attingo provides reconstructive groundwork for forensic analysis in the IT sector.

Computer and IT Forensics

Forensic Data Rescue

Reconstructive groundwork

Attingo provides reconstructive groundwork for forensic analysis in the IT sector. We temporarily repair your physically damaged data medium so we can read out the data one last time and make a raw data extract. We also make bit-precise copies with check sums for:

  • The police
  • Courts
  • Detective agencies
  • Law firms
  • Offical experts
  • The Federal Constituion Court
  • Prosecutors

We have a long-standing collaboration with all of the institutions mentioned above.

We often receive defective data media which have been deliberately destoryed, deleted or damaged by water or fire. We treat them in our in-house clean room laboratories. 

Preservation of evidence and forensics

Logical analysis (forensic examination) is mostly taken on by the clients themselves. In some cases we also work on logical data rescue projects and search within the data. Dependent on the agreed aim, the inspection of the data sets (e.g. e-mail communication) can be necessary. 

Sample scenarios for forensics

  • Industry espionage, enticement (deleted e-mail communication)
  • Economic crime (embezzlement, fraud)
  • Burglary, robbery, thievery (destroyed surveillance hardward)
  • Destruction of evidence (e.g. computer sank in a lake or river, laptop thrown out of the window, fire,...)
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