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External Hard Drive Is Not Recognized
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with external hard drives.

External Hard Drive Is Not Recognized

Your external hard drive isn't recognized any more? The good news: In nearly all cases a data recovery is still possible. It is important to keep calm and not lessen the chances for a successful recovery.

Data recovery of external hard drives - why Attingo?

98 % success chance for a recovery of external hard drives

Data loss can happen, sometimes faster then you would think. For more than 25 years, our engineers recover data from defective external hard disks in our cleanroom laboratories – with a success rate of 98 %. Our technicians are specialized in the field of data recovery of failed hard drives, server, NAS and RAID systems. Important: Try to keep calm. Hasty actions lead rarely to the goal. In order to prevent consequential damages, we advise you: Don’t power on the hard drive!

Data recovery of external hard drives - We help in case of data loss!

  • We provide multiple diagnosis options depending on the urgency of your data rescue case
  • After the diagnosis is completed you receive a fixed price offer
  • No hidden costs - Expenses are only incurred if the hard disk data rescue is successful
  • The recovery of your hard drive will be done by experienced and specially trained engineers
  • Fast reaction times - in urgent cases, we offer a 24x7 service
  • In-house research and development in order to keep up with the newest hardware
  • More than 14.500 spare parts in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam

Contact us - order your diagnosis today.


Causes when external hard drives are no longer recognized

Causes for data loss from external hard drives

  • External hard drive has dropped
  • Wrong power supply was connected
  • Damage to the external hard drive due to moisture (water, coffee ...)
  • The hard drive was exposed to extreme heat and sunlight
  • Data on the external hard drive has been corrupted by a virus or trojan
  • Failure without an obvious cause, hard drive is no longer displayed

Typical damages of external hard drives

  • Defective read / write heads
  • Damage to the magnetic disks (bad blocks)
  • Broken hard drive electronics
  • Stuck disk storage
  • Damage in the area of ​​the hard disk firmware
  • Broken interfaces (e.g. USB interface broken, Firewire, Thunderbolt, eSata interface defective)

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Wiener Unternehmen, Wertschöpfung bleibt in Österreich.
2021-07-16: , Toshiba 2TB HDKPC090A0A01 S S/N: 446V3JMGSTZ5 | Windows 10 |

Es ist alles perfekt abgelaufen, vom telefonischen Erstkontakt bis zur persönlichen Abholung der geretteten Festplatte. Super freundlich, unkomplizierte und kundenorientierte Abwicklung.

2021-06-24: , WD10JMVW-11AJGS2 aus WD My Passport Ultra P/N: WDBGPU0010BBK-05 | Windows 7 | NTFS

sehr positiv
2021-05-21: , Segatae ST32000542AS aus Seagate Free Agent XTreme 2000GB P/N: 9ZE7A8-500 | MacOS X | HFS

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