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Proprietary System Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with all common proprietary systems.

Proprietary System Recovery

Attingo reconstructs data from proprietary hard- and software. Our technicians already reverse engineered many systems and also provide reverse engineering for unknown hard- or software for the prupose of data rescue.

Examples for reconstructing proprietary hardware

  • Data media in medical devics (e.g. radiography, magnetic resonance)
  • Data loggers (z.B.: Dash 32HF, AstroMed)
  • CNC machines
  • Control systems (industrial machines, generating devices)
  • Video surveillance systems (e.g. DVR AVTECH)
  • Proprietary encryption systems
  • Video recorders with built-in hard drives
  • Media boxes
  • Hard drives or flash memories from printers, copiers and multifunctional devices

It is often the case that non-standardised data media are used in the above-mentioned devices. That may be a special interface, different memory chips or how the data is saved (file system, file format). Hard- and software is often specifically tailored by the manufacturers for the requirements of the device. Video surveillance systems sometimes work with proprietary encrypted data. 

Attingo provides data rescue projects which include reverse engineering of software and hardware to get access to the data. The data is converted and handed over to the customer in a usable format. Data rescue is often carried out for the purpose of preservation of evidence.


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