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RAID Offline - RAID Array Recovery
Your RAID is offline? We restore your data professionally and are very experienced in recovering data from all common RAID levels!

RAID offline

The rebuild was cancelled during the process? The RAID controller is damaged or more than one hard drive is defective? We can save your data, if your RAID is offline!

RAID offline? Professional data rescue from defective RAID Arrays

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Attingo is specialized in restoring unusual storage systems. We use our in-house software to simulate the network without losing time. Our specialists have developed methods for simulating RAID systems via software. We reverse engineered RAID controller from the following manufacturers: Adaptec RAID Controller, 3Ware, ICP Vortex, Intel, Areca, ATTO, Dawicontrol, HighPoint, LSI, QLogic

Three steps to RAID recovery

1. Shut down RAID array, don't start a rebuild

If your RAID is offline, shut down your server immediately and don't start a rebuild. To avoid confusion you should mark the defective hard drive(s) and label all of the storage media with their position (slot).

2. Contact our specialists for RAID recovery

Our specialists need to comprehend why and how the RAID has broken down. A failed rebuild often leads to an offline RAID. To speed up the process, tell us the RAID level (e.g. RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6 or JBOD) and the exact manufacturer and model of the controller.

3. We recover your data!

Every RAID recovery starts with an analysis and diagnosis. Our engineers recover your data already during the analysis, within a few workdays. In urgent cases they will work on it all around the clock, even on weekends and holidays, as fast as possible. We help you choosing the right analysis model for your individual case. The price is dependant on the number of storage media and the recovery service level (one-time surcharge for high priority service).

Common causes for an offline RAID

More than one hard drive from the network fail at the same time

Depending on the RAID level (RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6 or JBOD), even the defect of a single hard drive can lead to the RAID being offline. If you have a RAID6, three hard drives have to fail at the same time in order to not being recognized any more.

RAID rebuild failed - RAID offline

A failed rebuild is one of the most common reasons for an offline RAID. A reading error is enough to quit a rebuild process. Access is no longer possible.

RAID offline after RAID controller defect

A defective RAID controller can cause an offline RAID. Attingo reverse engineered nearly every RAID controller on the market: Adaptec, ICP Vortex, 3Ware, LSI,...

 Error report

Disk: serious error: defective block \Device\Harddisk0\DR0.

Case study "RAID offline"

RAID offline After a blackout

In a Fujitsu server, which wasn't connected to the internet, six SAS hard drives were used. After a blackout the server was restarted. Control lights went on and four hard drives should be replaced. The RAID5 level reported RAID offline, recovery attempts via mdadm were not successful.

The hard drives were examined in the clean room laboratory and physical damage was found on three of the SAS hard drives.

After the virtual simulation of the RAID5 level, the relevant data could be restored!

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