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Case Studies: Data Recovery
Ein Spaziergang mit dem Laptop im Kinderwagen
Kurier (Österreich)
Wollen die digitale Welt zu einem erfreulichen und sicheren Ort machen
Den Cyber-Erpressern auf der Spur
it&t business (Österreich)
Die kuriosesten Datenrettungsfälle
it-daily.net (Deutschland)
Die kuriosesten Datenrettungsfälle
Computerwelt.at (Österreich)
Attingo Datenrettung präsentiert: Die kuriosesten Datenrettungsfälle
fair-news.de (Deutschland)
Tipps und Tricks fürs Arbeiten daheim
Wiener Zeitung (Österreich)
Tipps zur Vermeidung von Datenverlust bei Heimarbeit
"Ich habe am Freitag noch schnell alle wichtigen Dokumente auf einen USB-Stick kopiert, damit ich die nächsten Tage oder sogar Wochen zu Hause arbeiten kann", berichtet Birgit F., die für ein Unternehmen im Bereich Marketing arbeitet.
HomeOffice wegen CoV-Krise: Tipps zum richtigen Arbeiten
it-pulse.eu (Österreich)
Datenrettungsunternehmen: Homeoffice begünstigt Datenverlust
crn.de (Deutschland)
Home Office vs. Cyber Security: Mit diesen Tipps arbeiten Sie sicher von Zuhause aus
Homeoffice: Grazer Experte gibt Tipps fürs Arbeiten zuhause
Der Grazer (Österreich)
Zero Day Exploit: Zyxel NAS
Various network-attached storage devices from the manufacturer Zyxel can be targeted by attackers via a particularly critical security vulnerability. The vulnerability CVE-2020-9054 can be exploited using exploit code. A temporary fix - with certain restrictions - has already been released. Further security updates are to follow.
Danger for deleted data: TRIM command with Solid State Drives
If data is deleted from an SSD, the first action Attingo data recovery advises, is: Switch off the system as soon as possible - or even better pull the plug - and do not switch it on again. An active SSD or memory card is like a ticking time bomb for deleted data and can result in fatal data loss - with no chance of recovery.
Windows 10: Data loss after update
As early as October 2018, update version 1809 for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system led to data loss. There is currently also a problematic Windows 10 update. Patch KB4532693 dated February 11, 2020 should essentially improve the Windows installation experience. Instead, users encounter the error message "Cannot log in to the account", so that access to the system and user data is no longer possible. The data seems lost for now.
Risky data leaks: open house
Microsoft has disclosed data loss. Internal data on support customers was completely unprotected on the Internet in December 2019. It affects approximately 250 million Microsoft customers.
What does the end of support mean for Windows 7?
On January 14, 2020, support for computers running Windows 7 was largely discontinued. Windows 7 will continue to function despite the end-of-life, but certain functions are no longer included: Technical support in the event of problems, updates to the operating system, security updates, problem solutions and bug fixes no longer take place. This service can be maintained for a fee for companies for 2 years.
Data recovery: Suspected ransomware Trojan Ordinypt encrypts data
The attempt to restore the WD My Cloud Mirror was carried out as part of our business service - the successful processing and solution took place within five working days.
Seagate MACH.2 multi-actuator technology breaks throughput record
The amount of data to be stored is growing steadily and so the capacity of the magnetic disks continues to increase. Hard disk manufacturers are put under increasing pressure because the performance of the read/write heads is physically limited.
So vernichtet oder löscht man Daten selbst
oe24.at (Österreich)
Festplatten vernichten
Südtiroler Wirtschaftszeitung (Österreich)
Data recovery: Ryuk ransomware trojan encrypts data
The attempt to restore the SHR RAID with five Seagate hard drives (ST3000DM001) was carried out as part of our high priority service - the processing was carried out as a priority and 24/7.
Wie man Festplatten auch selbst vernichten kann
it-daily.net (Deutschland)
Schredder-Affäre: Was Drucker verraten
Futurezone.at (Österreich)
Rösten, bohren, flexen: Video erklärt fachgerechte Löschung von Festplatten
derstandard.at (Österreich)
Jährlich grüßt der Hitzetod
it&t business (Österreich)
Und jährlich grüßt der Hitzetod Ihre digitalen Daten
Attingo Datenrettung gibt Tipps zur Vermeidung von Ausfällen
What do hard disk noises mean?
The noises that can be heard from an intact hard drive are the acoustically barely perceptible rotational movements of the data carrier disks and the click of the read/write head or the heads for initializing the drive. Other hard disk noises - such as excessive clicking; Grinding, scratching or beeping tones - on the other hand, indicate a defective hard disk.
Data recovery: RAID 5 with Seagate Cheetah 15K.6
The RAID 5 was restored with four Seagate hard drives as part of our high priority service - the processing was carried out as a priority and around the clock.
What are recertified hard drives?
Remaining stock, returns or rejects for quality assurance: How sensible are recertified hard drives and what needs to be considered? What are the dangers of "used" hard drives?
Veel vertrouwelijke informatie op afgedankte datadragers
Winmag Security (Niederlande)
Keyword Index
Alphabetical listing and sorting of the data recovery keywords index
Data recovery of an improperly opened Western Digital hard disk
The forcibly opened 2,5" hard disk was handled as an extended diagnosis in our Economy Service. Even though the hard disk was in a terrible condition, Attingo was able to recover most of the specified data.
Data recovery of a RAID 1 ALLNet ALL6600 Thecus N5200 PRO NAS
The data recovery of the *.vmdk files were handled in our Business Service – The procedure was finished after two working days.
Private Sexvideos, Logins, Gehaltslisten
derstandard.at (Österreich)
Was alte Datenträger so alles preisgeben...
crn.de (Deutschland)
Fahrlässiges Verhalten
it&t business (Österreich)
emedia April 2018 (Österreich)
Data recovery of NASdeluxe NDL-21200R RAID 6 server with twelve hard disks
The recovery of the video and audio projects was handled in our Business Service – The job was done after five working days.
Data recovery of HP PROLIANT ML350 G6
The elaborate reconstruction of the RAID 5 array and the recovery of the file server as well as the contained data was performed in our High Priority Service – the case was handled 24x7
Datenskandal bei gebrauchten Festplatten
Kurier Techno-Beilage
Private Daten auf dem Flohmarkt
qz-online.de (Deutschland)
Datenleck gebrauchte Festplatten
Horizont No.12
Fahrlässiges Löschverhalten: Gebrauchte Festplatten als Fundgrube für sensible Daten
Computer Reseller News: http://www.crn.de/security/artikel-116615.html
Gebrauchte Festplatten als Fundgrube für sensible Daten
Gehaltslisten, Kreditkartendaten, Passwörter und Kundendaten auf gebrauchten Festplatten gefunden
Gebrauchte Festplatten: Gehaltslisten, Kreditkartendaten, Passwörter und Kundendaten gefunden
Sun StorEdge 3510 Data Rescue
The databases were recovered from multiple levels of the server as part of our High Priority Service, which means we worked on the case with the highest priority around the clock.
Retter der verschwundenen Daten
Magazin "Öffentliche Sicherheit" Nr. 3-4/18, Seite: 107 bis 109
Datenverlust lauert auch im IoT
DIGITALE WELT Blog (http://digitaleweltmagazin.de/en/2018/03/07/datenverlust-lauert-auch-im-iot/)
Kälte zerstört Festplatten und Flash-Speicher
Clean room laboratory
For a long time, the data recovery laboratory was a mystical place: one where people dressed like surgeons or virologists and had to enter isolated clean rooms through hermetic airlocks.
Welche Festplatten werden am häufigsten gerettet?
Hamburg-News.Net (Deutschland)
Attingo Datenrettung und Trusted Data Solutions gehen Kooperation ein
Trusted Data Solutions, LLC (TDS), stärkt seine Position auf dem Benelux-Markt durch die Unterzeichnung eines Partnerschaftsvertrages mit ATTINGO, Spezialist für Datenrettung.
Wenn der Zahnarzt an der Festplatte bohrt
Neues Volksblatt (Oberösterreich)
Datenrettung kurios
it&t business (Österreich)
Attvent Open House
To participate our Attvent Open House with homemade punch and cookies on 14.12.2017 in Hamburg please send us an e-mail to info@attingo.deTo participate our Attvent Open House with homemade punch and cookies on 19.12.2017 in Vienna please send us an e-mail to info@attingo.at
Datenretter leisten zunehmend IT-Forensik
MittelstandsWiki (Deutschland)
Deleting correctly
An increasing number of companies and private users are faced with a massive problem when they perform a system change: What should you do with the old storage media, which generally also contains data that should not fall into the wrong hands?
Network Attached Storage
Network attached storage systems; NAS for short, also network storage, are file servers to be managed without special knowledge and work independently and without a dedicated host computer or host server.
Storage Area Network
A storage area network (SAN) is the step-up of a Direct Attached Storage, in which the storage capacity in the network is allocated to a server.
Direct Attached Storage
Direct Attached Storage (DAS) describes data carriers (individual, RAID or JBOD) located in a separate, non-network-oriented housing that is connected to a single computer.
A RAID 1 (mirroring) is the combination of at least two hard drives in the RAID in which all data is stored on all implemented hard drives.
The URE rate is the average value that disk manufacturers provide for a disk model (not the individual disk).
The acronym JBOD stands for Just a Bunch of Disks and refers to a collection of hard drives that are located in the same housing or on the same controller, but can be used or controlled independently of each other - unlike in the case of a RAID .
How does my storage media get to Attingo?
A europe-wide free-of-charge pick-up of your already packed storage media is included in our High Priority Service and Business Service.
How do I get my recovered data back?
The result of the data recovery is offered on an external USB data carrier (external hard drive), which is included in our offer.
Why is my data not recoverable?
Generally speaking, data can be restored and reconstructed in more than 98 % of cases.
How long does the diagnosis and data recovery take?
Based on our years of experience, we can estimate the average handling time for diagnosis and datarecovery for most of the common error patterns.
What is an extended diagnosis?
An extended diagnosis is offered in special cases if the effort required exceeds our standard service and / or the expected result is likely to be bad.
Will the price be cheaper if I only need one or a few files?
Data recovery is primarily about reviving the data medium for the last time in order to be able to reconstruct the data it contains.
SMR - Shingled Magnetic Recording
The word "shingle" refers to the roof shingles or their arrangement by roofers on a roof.
PMR - Perpendicular Recording
The PMR technology, also called "vertical recording", is primarily used in hard disk technology.
HAMR - Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording
As part of the constant increase in data density, hard drive manufacturer Seagate relies on HAMR technology ("heat-assisted magnetic recording").
Manucafturer: IBM
Legal form: CorporationIndustry: Information technologyYear founded: 1911 (June 16)Head office: Armonk (New York), United StatesRevenue: $ 79.9 billion
The acronym RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and describes the combination of several physical data carriers (hard disk, solid state drives) into a single logical drive.
Surface damages
Surface damage; Damage to the data carrier surface, partial surface damage or damage to the hard disk.
Magnetic disk
The magnetic disks or platter is part of the assembly of a hard disk and describes one or more rotatable, attached disk(s), which are mounted one above the other on a spindle.
The Copy-On-Write optimization process is currently found in the ZFS, Btrfs (Linux) and APFS (macOS) file systems and is an internal file system practice to avoid unnecessary copying and creation of further copies.
An inode; Acronym for index node, refers to the fundamental data structure of the file systems of Unix-based operating systems and Linux derivatives.
Btrfs (B-tree FS, also "Butter FS", "Better FS“) is a copy-on-write (COW) and B-tree file system for the Linux operating system.
BitLocker is Microsoft's own hard drive encryption: This requires a separate partition on the system drive to be encrypted, which can also be created automatically.
Adaptive Parameters
The adaptive parameters of a hard disk are the values that are written into the firmware section of the respective data carrier for each individual during production.
The Apple File System (short APFS) is the successing file system of the HFS+ file system published in 1998.
Read/Write Heads
Read/write heads are the tiny electromagnetic parts at the head of the mechanical swivel arm inside a hard disk drive.
Why is the data recovery from monoliths so expensive?
The data recovery of monoliths is - compared to other (flash) storage media - much more complex, because the controller unit, the memory chips and other components are bundled toghether within a single component.
A head crash, also called "Click of Death", means the immediate contact of one or more read/write heads with the ferromagnetic platter surface(s) of a hard drive.
An interface describes the communication transition between two components, regardless of whether hardware or software.
RAID 5 can be seen as a RAID 0 stripe set with continuous parity: The data is also written in strips over all data carriers involved, whereby one data block always contains the parity data.
The PCB (printed circuit board, circuit board or hard disk electronics) for hard disks is attached to the hard disk housing by means of screws and is neither glued nor soldered.
With the principle of parity, a parity block is generated from the blocks of user data by XOR operations.
RAID 0 offers no redundancy and, strictly speaking, cannot be counted among the Redundant Arrays of Indenpendet Disks (RAID).
A bit (origin: binary digit "binary number" or "dual number") is the smallest possible electronic information unit in data processing and computer science.
CRC error
The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a verification method for the check value of data.
Defective hard disk sectors
Defective hard disk sectors can have various causes: For example, decreasing magnetization of the ferrite layer or partial damage to the data carrier surfaces by the read/write heads.
Hard disk drive sector
A sector (data block, block) is the smallest readable/writable unit of a hard disk.
Abbreviation from the file allocation table A FAT / FAT32 is an option for an operating system to keep an overview of the data stored on a data carrier.
Abbreviation from: Small Computer System Interface colloquially: ['ska: si] A widely used standard a title="Interface" href="/keywords/interface/">interface for the parallel connection of computer components.
A cluster denotes a group of smaller data units (e.g.
Data is changed by encryption in such a way that access is only possible with knowledge of a specific decryption (or decoding, decipherment).
The term is used in connection with a RAID 0.
Hard disk drive
The hard disk drive (HDD) or hard disk (HD) is a magnetic data carrier that stores the data on the ferromagnetic surfaces of the rotating magnetic disks.
Abbreviation from: Basic Input Output System.
Compound term from "automatic parking" When the power supply is switched off, the read/write heads of a hard disk are automatically moved to a previously defined position in which data is never saved.
The VMFS file system (Virtual Machine File System) is a cluster file system that enables virtualization of storage in multiple installations of VMware ESX servers.
Virtual Machines
A so-called virtual machine (VM) refers to the software-based implementation of a simulated computer environment in which an operating system (OS) or various programs can be installed and executed.
A hypervisor (also: Virtual Machine Monitor) refers to software that maps the virtualization layer.
File system
File systems refer to the organizational storage management on a data carrier.
Logical Volume Manager
The Logical Volume Manager (LVM) describes a partition variant that is particularly common in the area of Unix and Linux derivatives.
Paravirtualization (IBM "DIAGNOSE code", Parallels "hypercall") refers to the provision of a software interface that is not identical to the exact hardware component; but has some similarities to it.
iSCSI is the abbreviation for the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) with the prefix "Internet"; iSCSI facilitates data transmission on the intranet (network).
FAQ - Overview
Overview of frequently asked customer questions about Attingo and about data recovery
What are the costs for a data recovery?
Professional data recovery is expert work and requires years of experience, complex tools and laboratory equipment.
Where are our laboratories?
All diagnosis, analysis and data recovery work is being done within our europe-wide laboratories.