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Floppy Disc Recovery
We restore your data from defective floppy discs and are very experienced in this field!

Floppy Disc Recovery

Floppy discs are still in use nowadays. They are often used as archives (e.g. for crypto keys) and storages in vaults. Machine controls (e.g. in the printing industry or CNC controls) are also stillusing floppies. Attingo developed special methods for restoring data from floppy discs.

The storage capacity of a floppy disc depends on it either being single or double sided. The used magnetic material and the resulting single or double density (recording density) are also important factors.

Common floppy formats:

8 inch: 180 KB up to 1 MB
5 ¼ inch: 80 KB up to 1,2 MB
3 ½ inch: 720 KB up to 3,4 MB, especially the popular 1,44 MB version

Common systems

  • CT Raw
  • Generic FM
  • Generic MFM (IMA, IMG)
  • Atari 8-bit (XFD, FM, MFM)
  • AmigaDOS (ADF)
  • Amiga DiskSpare
  • Apple DOS 3.2
  • Apple DOS 3.3+
  • Apple DOS 400K/800K (CLV)
  • Emu
  • Emu II
  • DEC RX01
  • DEC RX02
  • CBM DOS (D64 error map)
  • CBM GCR image (G64)
  • CBM MicroProse
  • CBM RapidLok
  • CBM Datasoft
  • CBM Vorpal
  • CBM V-MAX!
  • CBM Teque
  • CBM Big Five
  • CBM OziSoft 

Common errors:

The main cause for defective floppies is hardware damage, wear marks to be precise. In contrast to hard drives the read/write heads touch the surface and those touch the case cover, so with the countless rotations wear marks are inevitable. Even the smallest contamintion (e.g. dust grains) on the inside of the floppy can cause massive damage.


Remove the floppy immediately if one of the following problems occurs:

  • No access possible
  • Strange noises
  • Reading errors occur
  • Slowed down reading or saving processes

Contact us immediatley for an individual assessment of the damage. Unfortunely many clients try to reconstruct the data on their own for multiple hours before they give up ans contact us, which leads to a removed magnetic layer.


Attingo additionally provides conversion from legacy operating systems.

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2019-09-17: , Floppy Disk (2 HD, formatted, 1.44 MB) | FAT

Der Kundenbetreuer hat in der Projektanlaufphase zu häufig nach dem Status der Bestellung gefragt. Trotz des Hinweises, dass sich die Auftragsbestätigung/-Erteilung verzögern wird.

Positiv: Regelmäßiger Follow-up bereits vor Auftragserteilung
2016-09-07: , Quantum ProDrive LPS 185409050620 aus Compaq Computer 1995 Series 3073 | DOS

2016-07-18: , ESCOM 3,5'' Diskette Double Sided W412038 | DOS | FAT

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