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Server Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with data rescue from severs and storage arrays.

Server Recovery

Attingo has more than 25 years of experience with server recovery. We are recovering server data from all over Europe on a daily basis and therefore guarantee know-how and a lot of routine, even with most complex errors.

24h-Service 98% rescue success


Extract of our server recovery portfolio

Server recovery: In more than 98 % of all cases Attingo the data of failed server systems and complex enterprise storage arrays can be recovered.


Server Recovery - We help you after data loss

  • We provide multiple diagnosis options depending on the urgency of your data rescue case
  • After the diagnosis is completed you receive a fixed price offer
  • No hidden costs - Expenses are only incurred if the server data rescue is successful
  • The recovery of your server will be done by experienced and specially trained engineers
  • Fast reaction times - in urgent cases, we offer a 24x7 service
  • In-house research and development for fast virtual simulations of your server array
  • Profound knowledge about internal system structures, algorithms and behaviour of server controller
  • Special server-recovery-tools and individually developed equipment to read-out and recover storage data
  • More than 14.500 spare parts in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam

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Server data loss? How to prevent consequential damage

Standstill of departments or commercial lines are often the consequence of a server failure. Especially in such situations it is crucial to keep calm. Hasty recovery tries on your own can worsen the damages within a short period of time and thus minimalize the chances for a successful recovery. Therefore, we suggest the following steps in order to prevent consequential damage of your server:

  • Be careful with copying data from backups. It is strongly recommended to replace all of the original hard disks or SSDs with brand new drives. With this, you can eliminate the risk of overwriting crucial raw data in case of an incomplete or damaged backup (overwritten data can never be recovered).
  • We recommend not to reboot the server. Important temporary files like journal-information can be lost when rebooting the server. In case of a deleted virtual server, every further read-/write accesses can lead to fatal damage. Do not power on your hard disks or SSDs in order to prevent further data loss and maximize your chances for a successful recovery.
  • Forcing the server online? The danger of a fatal rebuild when forcing a server online is often underestimated and can lead in the worst case to no recoverable data.
  • Data loss of virtual servers. If the hard drives or SSDs of the server have a physical defect, all of the virtual servers on it are affected as well. In order to prevent further data loss we recommend to no more power on the server. Same goes for accidentally deleted snapshots
  • Be careful with server manufacturer-support. Again and again customers report us, that they followed the instructions of manufacturer-support with the result that the server was running again, but the data was corrupt.

Causes for server failure

Common causes for data loss from servers are defective RAID systems. Most servers use RAID systems for saving data. Further information about RAID recovery can be found here.

  • Damaged RAID controller within the server
  • Hard drive failure after overheating (especially when the server rack is not air-conditioned)
  • Cancelled RAID rebuild, when an additional hard drive fails
  • Logical damage on the host file system or the guest file system (virtual servers)
  • Viruses or Trojans
  • Deleted snapshots (also see Virtual Server Recovery)
  • Loss of server data caused by defective file systems or fatal rebuilds


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Professionelle Beratung
2021-06-04: , 4x ST4000NE0025 aus Synology RackStation RS818+ | Linux | BTRFS

hat top gepasst ;)
2021-03-10: , 4xWD Red NASware 3.0 WD40EFRX-68WT0N0 | Linux | EXT

Schnell, freundlich und sehr kompetent. Absolutes TOP Unternehmen, welches ich gerne weiterempfehlen werde!

2020-11-18: , 8x SAS Festplatten 146 MK1401GRRB ST9146853SS Onboard MegaRAID Controller | Windows 2016 | NTFS

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