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VMware Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with virtual VMware machines.
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VMware Recovery

VMware is a virtualisation software which allows the user to operate various operating systems on one host system.

Attingo recovers data from VMware software solutions regularly

  • Defective or broken down storage systems or RAIDs
  • Errors within rge VMware file system VMFS
  • Errors within the virtual machines (VMDK)
  • Defective snapshots: reconstruction and fusion of different versions of databases

We reverse engineered the file system VMFS and are now able to reconstruct virtual machines successfully with our in-house software, regardless of the complexity (server size and host number), even with different operating systems. Even if you have several spannd volumes your data can be saved. 

Please contact us for a qualified initial assessment of your individual problem. We take care of your server from the pick-up of the defective devices until you receive your rescued data and keep you well informed during the whole process. In urgent cases our technicians will work on your case all around the clock.

Possible VMware errors

  • Defective storage system, no access to the VMware volume
  • The virtual machine (Virtual Machine Disk - VMDK) was deleted
  • VMFS file system error
  • VMDK file system error
  • No access after resizing the VMware volume
  • Defective snapshot of a virtual machine
  • Recovering a lost partition table
  • VMDK locked
  • VMFS volume error
  • VMFS corruption
  • VMFS filesystem check
  • Datastore offline

Typical error messages:

  • Error Message: 2129 - can't write phys
  • Error Message: 2654 - can't read phys
  • Error Message: 2088 - can't open phys:/vmfs/volume/
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2021-03-28: , Seagate BarraCuda ST1000LM048 P/N: 2E7172-500 | VMware | VMFS (VMware)

2020-12-28: , SSD crucial CT500MX500SSD1 Kingston SA400S37 | VMware | VMFS (VMware)

Hervorragende Prozessabwicklung
2020-01-10: , 4x Seagate & Hitachi | VMware | VMFS (VMware)

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