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Citrix Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with Citrix XenServer, XenExpress and XenDesktop.
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Citrix Recovery

Citrix XEN is a virtualization technology to allow several host systems (thin clients) to access applicatons which are not installed locally.

Attingo saves your data from Citrix server solutions

Attingo reverse engineered nearly every Citrix XEN Server and is able to reconstruct virtual machines successfully, thanks to know-how, profound knowledge and in-house developed software, independent of the complexity (server size and host number), even if there are different operating systems.

  • citrix xen
  • XenServer Free Edition
  • XenServer Advanced Edition
  • XenServer Enterprise Edition
  • XenServer Platinum Edition
  • XenExpress
  • XenDesktop Advanced Edition
  • XenDesktop Enterprise Edition
  • XenDesktop Platinum Edition

Possible causes of failure

  • Error in the host file system like ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, CFS, NTFS
  • Citrix Xen LUNs (Logical Unit Number) or LVM (Logical Volume Manager) error
  • Virtual server error (VHD files)
  • Migration problems on running virtual machines from one physical host server to another (XenMotion)
  • Volume group mounting problems (VG_XenStorage)
  • Problems or error when accessing via desktop virtualization software like  XenCenter, VDI-in-a-Box or HyperVM

Typical error messages with Citrix XEN:

  • Internal Server Error
  • Volume group VG_XenStorage error
  • general backend failure
  • NFS VHD storage map error
  • XenCenter error
  • storage repository error
  • can't mount NFS share
  • XenServer fault
  • could not parse SGdisk
  • The VDI is not available
  • this operation cannot be performed because the specified VDI could not be found on the storage substrate

We help you after data loss

Contact us for an initial assessment of your individual problem. We take care of your case, from the pick-up of the defective server until the saved data is delivered and keep you constantly informed on the current status. In urgent cases our technicians are working on your case all around the clock.

Experience with Attingo Citrix Recovery
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2019-02-06: , Toshiba MBD2300RC aus IBM System x3550 M2 Server | Windows 2008 | NTFS

Gute Beratung, aber etwas zeitverzögert gemeldet
2015-01-07: , Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS-00A7B0 aus Server-System | RAID5 | Linux | NTFS | Citrix

Bei der Abholung gab es Probleme, hat Bote nicht gleich gefunden
Zustellung war dann aber OK

2024-05-08: , Samsung 870 EVO MZ7L31T0HBLB | Windows 2016 | NTFS

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