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Mailbox Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced in the recovery of mailboxes.

Mailbox Recovery

Attingo reconstructs defective databases from e-mail servers, defective mailboxes or deleted mail. Profound knowledge on the structure of e-mail database servers and mailboxes is the necessary condition for helping with data loss.

  • Data recovery and conversion from Outlook, Exchange and mbox mailboxes
  • Data recovery of corrupt mailboxes
  • Data recovery of deleted mailboxes

Outlook and Exchange recovery

Attingo has reverse engineered the proprietary storage formats of .pst mailboxes, .ost cache files and .edb databases, in order to make data rescue or conversion possible.

Mbox mailbox recovery

Attingo also reconstructs data from UNIX-based .mbox mailboxes (or .mbx files). Proprietary implementations of these are currenty used by Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Eudora. When it comes to Thunderbild, structural errors in the .msf index file may occur.

Causes for data loss from e-mail archives

Physical storage falls out

Storage failure or damage may lead to losing the saved e-mail database or mailboxes. The storage can be a RAID system, a single hard drive or a SSD.

Errors in the file system

Errors in the file system may induce data loss from e-mail databases and mailboxes. A sudden operating system crash or a blackout result in transactions not being written correctly and provoking data loss. A common symptom is the 0-byte-problem: the database only has a file size of 0 bytes. To prevent the damage from getting worse it is very important to shut the server down immediately and not apply power anymore.

Deleted e-mail, mailboxes, agendas, notes or contacts

It often happens that mailboxes, notes, agendas or contacts ar deleted by accident, for example during a migration.

Corruptive mailox, e-mail database, agenda, notes or contacts

Data reconstruction is also possible from corruptive e-mail databases, for example a defective Microsoft Outlook .pst or .ost file, Lotus Notes .nsf archives or Exchange .edb files.

It its often necessary to convert e-mail servers, e.g. extracting the different inboxes from Exchange databases as Outlook .pst files.

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Attingo has already successfully recovered data from following models


Outlook for MS-DOS
Outlook for Windows 3.1x
Outlook for Macintosh
Outlook 97
Outlook 98
Outlook 2000
Entourage 2001
Entourage X
Outlook 2002
Office Outlook 2003
Entourage 2004
Office Outlook 2007
Entourage 2008
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2011 for Mac
Outlook 2013

Exchange Server

Exchange 1.0
Exchange Server 4.0
Exchange Server 5.0
Exchange Server 5.5
Exchange 200 Server
Exchange Server 2003
Exchange Server 2007
Exchange Server 2010
Exchange Server 2013

Weitere Postfächer

Novell GroupWise
Lotus Notes
Mozilla Thunderbird
Apple Mail


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2012-01-13: , Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9500420AS | Windows XP | NTFS

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