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Fire Damage
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with data carriers damaged by fire.

Fire Damage

If your hard drive was damaged by fire it is very important to act immediately! Fire damage often occurs in combination with water damage after fire-fighting operation. The longer you wait, the worse the damage gets and the chances of a successful data rescue are sinking. We often work on cases with fire damage in our clean room laboratories.

Data rescue after fire damage

Normally there are good chances of a successful data rescue, if you act rapidly. With the classic magnetic disc hard drives the discs remain unharmed in most case, because the case normally provides very good protection against the high temperature. However, after a longer fire impact, smoke and soot particles may advance inside the hard drive and harm the magnetic discs or plastic parts inside the hard drive may melt and stick to the magnetic discs. Every case of fire is individual and therefore remote diagnosis is not possible. We can't make a general statement on the chances of a successful data rescue. If you act rapidly the chances are good.

Fire damage with SSDs and other flash memory media

With SSDs and other flash memory media a fire may cause serious defects. They are mostly built in plastic cases, which don't provide any protection against the high temperatures. The electronic (semiconductor) components can't stand high temeperatures over extended periods without any damage. But that doesn't mean the data is certainly lost, just contact us for an individual assessment and consultation!

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