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Optical Media Recovery
We restore your data and are experienced with data rescue from optical media!

Optical Media Recovery

Who hasn't experiencved it, the beloved audio CD suddenly stutters during playback or the video DVD from the last holiday only shows artefacts? As with all other storage media, data loss often occurs with the apparently robust optical storage media.

24h-Service 98% rescue success

Physical causes - scratches, heat damage, broken discs

Scratches on the surfaces

The most common hardware defect is a scratched surface which may not be visible to the naked eye. In an unfavourable spot (e.g. from the outer to the inner edge) a scratch will cause immediate data loss. 

Heat damage

Optical media are extremely sensitive to solar radiation and unsteady temperature. Due to minimal chemical changes inside the coating data loss can be caused. Nevertheless, successful data rescue is still possible in most cases.

Blank discs are broken

We reiceive broken optical media regularly. Reconstructing these takes huge efforts and take up several months of work.

Chemical decomposition

Again and again we receive optical media which are affected by "disc rot". Significant discoloration on the data side of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays is an indicator of a chemical reaction that is beginning or is already well advanced and that the recording layer of self-burned optical media is decomposing.

As the process progresses, the readability and further usability of the storage medium suffers. The different materials and composites react to each other in a harmful way and the stored data is gradually destroyed.

With burned CDs, such deterioration can occur after about 5 to 10 years. Burned DVDs, on the other hand, theoretically have a half-life of up to 30 years, and Blu-rays even up to 50 years.

Chemical degradation is favored by suboptimal storage, handling and contamination.

Experience has shown that writing on the top side with felt-tip pens (e.g. Edding) but also labels and the solvents they contain can damage the reflective layer of the burned media over time.

Environmental conditions such as high/low humidity, temperature and exposure to light can also accelerate decomposition. The same applies to contamination with skin fat (fingerprints) and sweat.

Logical causes for data loss from optical media

Session has not been ended correctly

The most common cause for data loss from optical media is not ending a session properly, which means the burning process is not completed. The media seems to be fully occupied but no files are shown. It can also occur that only a tiny bit of the capacity is shown as a maximum. In these cases the data is still there, but getting to it is a very complex process and only possible if you have special hardward at hand. Attingo uses specifically manipulated CD, DVD and BluRay drives for that.

Error source burning program

People tend to forget checking if all files are on the media after a burning process. It often happens that some files are left out during the process. This can be due to large file size or non-standardised file names. If you don't check the media immediately you may think the data got lost in the course of tim.

Deleted files on rewritable optical media

With rewritable media it's possible to delete data. If you want to restore the deleted files it works the same way as with hard drives, but it's more challenging, because the drives forbid access after deleting and specifically manipluated drives have to be used. You also have to keep in mind that rewritable optical media can only be written on from the beginning to the end and files are physically present until they are overwritten.


Optical media recovery with Attingo

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Our staff is available all around the clock

Contact us if you experienced data loss. Give us a call if you have you need an emergency data rescue which has to be performed as fast as possible. 

Fixed price offer after diagnosis

After the diagnosis is finished you receive a fixed price offer. We'll be happy to advise you on our different diagnosis options.

Your optical media does not leave the country

Defective optical media will neither be sent abroad nor to third-party providers. The data rescue will be solely performed in our in-house clean rooms.

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Gute email-Kommunikation, freundliche Mitarbeietr vor Ort
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Daten (Fotos auf CD) konnten leider nicht wiederhergestellt werden. Sehr fair, dass bei weniger als 80% wiederherstellbarer Daten keine Verrechnung erfolgte.

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Die Kommunikation war sehr freundlich! Gefunden habe ich Attingo durch eine Radiosendung.

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