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Virtualized Server Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with virtualized servers.

Virtualized Server Recovery

Attingo is a Europe-wide leading data rescuer when it comes to reconstructing virtualized servers. Our technicians are recovering data from defective virtualized environments, regardless of the storage system, virtualization software, host and guest system and file system.

We are prepared for your case, it no matter the data size or the number of systems with different operating systems. If it is an emergency our technicians are working on your virtualized server all around the clock.

24h-Service 98% rescue success

Excerpt from our data recovery portfolio of virtualized systems

We are specialized in saving data from virtualized servers

To be a specialist in this area means covering nearly every area of professional data rescue. Multiple work steps are often necessary to reconstruct data from virtualized servers successfully:

  • Physical laboratory for data rescue from defective hard drives of a RAID array
  • Logical laboratory for simulating the RAID array and the iSCSI targets and LUNs (logical units)
  • Reconstruction of the host file system, e.g. VMFS.
  • Reconstruction of the guest images, e.g. VMDK.
  • Content diagnosis of the individual guest images like LVM(logical volume) and EXT4 file system on a Linux server or more partitions with NTFS on a Windows Domain Server
  • Reconstruction of files and databases within the individual guests, e.g. Exchange database within a Windows server or web directory and MySQL database within a Linux web server.
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Data recovery deleted or defective virtualized servers - We help in case of data loss!

  • We provide multiple diagnosis options depending on the urgency of your data rescue case
  • After the diagnosis is completed you receive a fixed price offer
  • No hidden costs - Expenses are only incurred if the database data rescue is successful
  • The recovery of your virtualized server will be done by experienced and specially trained engineers
  • Fast reaction times - in urgent cases, we offer a 24x7 service
  • In-house research and development in order to keep up with the newest hardware and software
  • More than 14.500 spare parts in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam

Contact us - order your diagnosis today.


Data loss causes from virtualized systems

Storages break down

Virtualized systems normally use iSCSI or RAID storages for saving the individual guests. If the storages break down the virtual machines are no longer available. This is the most common cause for data loss from virtualized servers. For further information see RAID Recovery.

Error in the Host file system

The virtualization software from most providers save their guests on standard file systems like NTFS under Windows or EXT and XFS under Linux. Some manufacturers use in-house proprietary systems like VMware with their VMFS file system. Profound knowledge about the structure of these proprietary file systems is a precondition for a successful data rescue.

Error in the guest images

In many cases the images are filed in the host file system. Examples are VMDK (VMware) or VHD (Hyper-V). Every image equals a virtual hard drive which is also divided into additional snapshots. The logical structure of these special images is dependent on the virtualization the server used. Precise knowledge about the logical structure of these files is necessary to save the data from defective guest images.

Accidental deletion of guest images

It can happen easily that a virtualized server is deleted by accident. A single mouse click is enough to delete a whole server. In this case it is very important to turn off the host server immediately and not turn it on any more, even if it means shut-down for all other virtualized servers too. This is the only way to prevent data loss.

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2021-06-04: , 4x ST4000NE0025 aus Synology RackStation RS818+ | Linux | BTRFS

2021-03-28: , Seagate BarraCuda ST1000LM048 P/N: 2E7172-500 | VMware | VMFS (VMware)

2020-12-28: , SSD crucial CT500MX500SSD1 Kingston SA400S37 | VMware | VMFS (VMware)

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