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Below you can find blog articles from Attingo Data Rescue. 
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Clean room laboratory
For a long time, the data recovery laboratory was a mystical place: one where people dressed like surgeons or virologists and had to enter isolated clean rooms through hermetic airlocks.
Zero Day Exploit: Zyxel NAS
Various network-attached storage devices from the manufacturer Zyxel can be targeted by attackers via a particularly critical security vulnerability. The vulnerability CVE-2020-9054 can be exploited using exploit code. A temporary fix - with certain restrictions - has already been released. Further security updates are to follow.
Danger for deleted data: TRIM command with Solid State Drives
If data is deleted from an SSD, the first action Attingo data recovery advises, is: Switch off the system as soon as possible - or even better pull the plug - and do not switch it on again. An active SSD or memory card is like a ticking time bomb for deleted data and can result in fatal data loss - with no chance of recovery.
Windows 10: Data loss after update
As early as October 2018, update version 1809 for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system led to data loss. There is currently also a problematic Windows 10 update. Patch KB4532693 dated February 11, 2020 should essentially improve the Windows installation experience. Instead, users encounter the error message "Cannot log in to the account", so that access to the system and user data is no longer possible. The data seems lost for now.
Risky data leaks: open house
Microsoft has disclosed data loss. Internal data on support customers was completely unprotected on the Internet in December 2019. It affects approximately 250 million Microsoft customers.
What does the end of support mean for Windows 7?
On January 14, 2020, support for computers running Windows 7 was largely discontinued. Windows 7 will continue to function despite the end-of-life, but certain functions are no longer included: Technical support in the event of problems, updates to the operating system, security updates, problem solutions and bug fixes no longer take place. This service can be maintained for a fee for companies for 2 years.
Seagate MACH.2 multi-actuator technology breaks throughput record
The amount of data to be stored is growing steadily and so the capacity of the magnetic disks continues to increase. Hard disk manufacturers are put under increasing pressure because the performance of the read/write heads is physically limited.
What are recertified hard drives?
Remaining stock, returns or rejects for quality assurance: How sensible are recertified hard drives and what needs to be considered? What are the dangers of "used" hard drives?
Deleting correctly
An increasing number of companies and private users are faced with a massive problem when they perform a system change: What should you do with the old storage media, which generally also contains data that should not fall into the wrong hands?
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