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Windows 10: Data loss after update
We regularly receive requests for data recovery after an upgrade or update from Windows 10

Windows 10: Data loss after update

As early as October 2018, update version 1809 for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system led to data loss. There is currently also a problematic Windows 10 update. Patch KB4532693 dated February 11, 2020 should essentially improve the Windows installation experience. Instead, users encounter the error message "Cannot log in to the account", so that access to the system and user data is no longer possible. The data seems lost for now.

25. 4 2020 - Sebastian Evers

Windows update problem is known

Microsoft has already stated to windowslatest.com that they know about the problem and are investigating it. The patch has been withdrawn. "Microsoft is aware of the problem and our engineers are working hard to find a solution," said a Microsoft employee.

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Rescue in sight

According to Windows Support, some affected people already have solutions on their computers. The error occurs when Windows 10 creates a temporary user profile for the installation process, which should be automatically removed after completion. The problem with the temporary user profiles is a recurring problem under Windows, which already happened under Windows 7. This process does not seem to be working properly on affected systems, so that when Windows is restarted, it is not the actual main profile, but the empty "temporary" profile.

If a login is possible, there are no user data, programs or individually made adjustments and settings. In some cases, restarting the system can help. Otherwise you work permanently in the directory "\ Users \ temp \". The missing data is located not far away in the directory "\ Users \ Attingo \" (exemplary user name).

Fix data loss on Windows 10

The best way to solve the problem - according to Microsoft - is to create a new user profile from the temporary profile and then transfer the data manually: "You create a new user for the local account and then transfer the personal data from the original User path to the new account. Then the temporary account will be deleted." Attingo recommends - if no sufficient backup has already been created before the update - to back up the data externally before moving and performing further actions in order to be safe in the event of further problems.

Block updates, uninstall patch

Alternatively, you can uninstall the cumulative update patch KB4532693. When the problem-causing patch is removed, the temporary user account should also be removed and the original main profile should reappear. To do this, open "Show update history" in the Windows 10 settings, select the entry for "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4532693)", then "Uninstall" and then "Yes". The problem should be solved by restarting the system.

Although some people have already recovered their data, others have not yet managed to save their lost data. Some users even report a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and boot errors after the update was applied.

Attingo rescues deleted data

Attingo Data Rescue can recover lost or deleted data. Contact us and tell us about your problem and any measures you have already taken to get your data back yourself. After a diagnosis in our laboratory we can tell you the to be expected result and if data can be restored under Windows 10. To prevent the problem from occurring again, the problem update should be blocked and the automatic installation and application of updates should be deactivated as a precaution.


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