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RAID 5EE Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced in restoring data from RAID 5EE arrays.

RAID 5EE Recovery

Attingo recovers your lost data from RAID 5EE storages (enhanced). Even in worst case scenarios we are able to restore your data successfully.

Data rescue after a RAID 5EE breakdown

  • Two or more hard drives inside the RAID 5EE break down. Attingo will extract the data in the in-house clean room laboratory and reconstruct the virtual drive. 
  • Data loss often happens due to errors inside the RAID controller (BIOS, software). Attingo is able to recontruct the lost data.
  • After a firmware update data may be lost because of a changed storage order.
  • Attingo recovers the data if the RAID 5EE is degraded or offline.

Capacity of a RAID 5EE

The sum of all hard drives minus two.


Aufbau eines RAID 5EE Arrays

Build-up of a RAID 5EE array

Pros and cons of a RAID 5EE system

  • In the worst case another hard drive breaks down before or during a rebuild. The RAID is offline and a data rescue is needed.
  • In the best case the rebuild is finished before another hard drive breaks down. In this case redundancy is still intact and the array remains accessible.
  • On each hard drive in the network a part of the capacity is reserved for the parity and distributed on the media diagonally.
  • The assets are higher speed and the usage of every hard drive, because there is no determined hotspare drive.
  • Thanks to the diagonal line-up of the hotspare areas a rebuild takes less time.
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