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RAID ADG Data Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced in restoring Hewlett Packard ADG RAID arrays.

RAID ADG Recovery

Attingo is able to reconstruct your lost data from RAID ADG (Advanced Data Guarding. This is an implementation for RAID 6 by Hewlett Packard and Compaq AG. It is often used with Compaq Smart Arrays, where the parity is calculated via complex Galois polynomials.

Data rescue from RAID ADG systems

  • Two or more hard drives break down. Attingo will extract the data in the in-house clean room laboratory and reconstruct the virtual drive. 
  • Data loss often happens due to errors inside the RAID controller (BIOS, software). Attingo is able to recontruct the lost data.
  • After a firmware update data may be lost because of a changed storage order.
  • Attingo recovers the data if the RAID ADG is degraded or offline.

Capacity of a RAID ADG

The sum of all hard drives minus two.


Aufbau eines RAID ADG (RAID 6 / RAID 5DP) Arrays

Build-up of a RAID ADG (RAID 6 / RAID 5DP) array

RAID ADG pros and cons

  • In the worst case two or more hard drives break down. The array is no longer accesible and a data rescue is needed.
  • In the best case only one or two hard drives break down. The system is still working and there is no data loss.
  • To perform a successful data rescue, the so-called "generator syndrome" as well as the distribution of the input and parity blocks are necessary.
Experience with Attingo RAID ADG Recovery
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2020-08-10: , 7x Seagate ST6000NE0021 aus QNAP NAS | Linux | EXT

schnell sauber profisionell
2016-10-12: , Western Digital Red WD20EFRX-68EUZN0, Seagate ST2000DL003 aus Fujitsu Q800 | RAID6 | Linux | EXT

Österreichische Firma und Herr Häfele.
Über die Preise läst sich streiten - billig ist es nicht. ich denke auch wenn es heir einen MINITARIF gäbe würden mehrere den Servce in Anapruch nehemen

Hat alles super geklappt und wie besprochen
2016-07-06: , Seagate 3TB Constellation CS SED ST3000NC000 aus QNAP TS-1270U-RP | RAID6 | Linux | EXT

Leistung ist super, Preise sind halt in der Datenrettungbranche extrem hoch.

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