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Data Media Packaging
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Data Media Packaging

Ideal-typical data media packaging


Hard drives are very sensitive to physical physical damage. Concussions and falls can have fatal effects. Already damaged data media can suffer further damages without proper packaging. You find a short description for correct packaging below:

Step 1: Antistatic foil

verpackung festplatte antistatisch3

Unintended electrical tension may harm your data medium. Antistatic foil protects it and eliminates the risk. We are aware that this specific package material is not on hand everywhere, especially not in a normal household.  But new hard drives, mainboards and graphic cards are always delivered wrapped in antistatic foil, so it is a possibilty to keep it for later.

Step 2: Shockproof packaging

verpackung festplatte stosssicher3

Concussions may have negative effects on the fine mechanical components of a hard drive. A shockproof packaging is an important step on the way to a successful data rescue. The ideal packaging is a cardboard box lines with foam material on the inside. As an alternative you could use multiple layers of air cushion foil to protect your data medium.

Step 3: Further packaging

verpackung professionell3

We recommend to protect the hard drive with an additional outer packaging. Furthermore, the outer packaging should be filled with cushioning filling material (e.g. "Flopack"). The padded hard drive should be fixed with the filling material. Examine carefully if unintentional movement is perceptible when moving the package.

Step 4: Sender information

verpackung versandfertig3

Your shipment should be equipped with your name and address. Adding your Attingo transaction number (c.ATXXXXXX.XX) facilitates the allocation when we accept your package. If you have chose our business or high priority service you will receive a consingment note for overnight shipping via e-mail or fax. 

Step 5: Shipment tracking

We recommend sending your package via a package service and not by post. The advantage is the shipment tracking which makes it easier for you und us to check the shipment status.

Special case: more than one data medium

If you want to send us several data media (e.g. with RAID systems) you should package every hard drive seperately in a shockproof packaging (as described above).

Examples for poorly packaged storage media

datentraeger verpackung antistatisch polster

Anti-static protective film and padding is missing

Without this protection, the storage medium is subjected to undesired electrical charges and discharges. Similarly, the storage medium is exposed to shocks and impacts without protection due to the lack of cushioning effect of padding materials.

datentraeger verpackung nicht fixiert

No padding used

Due to the poor packaging, the storage medium is not fixated. This can lead to severe damage to the storage medium.

datentraeger verpackung ohne zwischenraum

Padding of the gaps required

Each storage medium should be packaged individually. This will provide optimal protection against transport damage. Insufficient buffering can cause shocks and as a result lead to damaging of the storage medium.

Ideal-typical packaging of semiconductor memories:

  • Solid state drives (SSDs)
  • Memory cards
  • USB sticks

In contrast to hard drives semiconductor memories don't contain any mechanical parts. Nevertheless SSDs, memory cards and USB sticks should also be packaged with care and not only dispatched in an envelope. We recommend to send flash media also via a package service, but the packaging effort can be reduced. A small package with antistatic foil and a few cushioning measures sould be a sufficient protection against concussions.

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