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How long does the diagnosis and data recovery take?
We take care of the professional data recovery for you and have many years of experience with all common systems.

How long does the diagnosis and data recovery take?

- Sebastian Evers

Based on our years of experience, we can estimate the average handling time for diagnosis and datarecovery for most of the common error patterns. However, these are only estimates and there is no guarantee of exactly how long a diagnosis, analysis or data recovery will actually take.

The processing time depends on the selected service procedure, the scope and complexity of the respective system (e.g. number of hard drives, degree of virtualization) as well as the error pattern and the damage.

In addition to the manual work, any programming effort for the development of specific data recovery software and tools and physical processes which cannot be accelerated, it is necessary to identify and understand the error patterns correctly in order to find possible approaches for solving even the most complex cases.


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