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Overview of all questions and answers
We have many years of experience with all current systems and take care of the professional restoration of your data.

FAQ - Overview

Overview of frequently asked customer questions about Attingo and about data recovery

- Sebastian Evers

  • What are the costs of data recovery?
  • Where does Attingo restore the data?
  • How does my data carrier get into the cleanroom laboratory?
  • How do I get my reconstructed data back?
  • Why can not my data be restored?
  • How long does the diagnosis or data recovery take?
  • What is an extended diagnosis?
  • Will data be saved on weekends or public holidays?
  • Will the price be cheaper if I only need one or a few files?
  • Can I continue to use the disk after data recovery?
  • What about the guarantee of data protection?
  • Is the warranty of the storage medium retained?


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