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What is an extended diagnosis?
In special cases, we offer an extended diagnosis, if nothing should be omitted to restore at least part of the data

What is an extended diagnosis?

- Sebastian Evers

An extended diagnosis is offered in special cases if the effort required exceeds our standard service and / or the expected result is likely to be bad. In some cases this can be recognized in advance, but in most cases the need for an extended diagnosis only becomes apparent during processing.
The costs for this are usually above average, so we recommend that you only commission the extended diagnosis if you really should not refrain from doing anything in order to reconstruct at least some of the data.

Possible reasons for an extended diagnosis:

  • improper opening and processing due to previous rescue attempts
  • Cleaning after dust contamination or natural disasters
  • the storage medium shows almost fatal physical damage
  • an individual process tailored to the data medium must be developed
  • Large, wrongly written data in the event of a faulty RAID rebuild
  • Special software for extracting the data / files must be programmed
  • an above-average number of spare parts is required for data recovery
  • it is an “exotic” model for which suitable spare parts must be ordered
  • in the case of data carriers and / or systems infected by ransomware

Extended diagnosis procedure:

  • You will receive the offer for an extended diagnosis and can decide whether we should carry it out
  • In the case of an order, the costs for the extended diagnosis are incurred immediately and regardless of success
  • After completing the processing, you will receive a diagnostic report and, if successful, a file list overview of all restored files and a fixed price offer based on the effort actually required.
  • You can view the file lists or have a look at the result in person in our laboratory to be able to decide whether it is usable and whether you want to buy the data

Exemplary offer of an extended diagnosis:

Extended diagnosis costs: Euro 1.000,00 excl VAT (costs are incurred regardless of success)

Expected costs in case of success: Euro 1,000.00 - 1,500.00 excl. VAT (plus the diagnosis costs)

Chances of a possible data recovery: 30-40%

Approximately defective files in case of apossible data recovery: at least 50%

Processing time: at least two to three weeks


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