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How does my storage media get to Attingo?
You can bring or send us your storage media - for Business and High Priority cases we also have an overnight pick up-service

How does my storage media get to Attingo?

- Sebastian Evers

Attingo picks up your storage media:

A europe-wide free-of-charge pick-up of your already packed storage media is included in our High Priority Service and Business Service. In urgent cases we can initiate a chargeable direct drive from your location to our laboratory in order to guarantee the fastest handling time and data recovery possible.

Sending the storage media via delivery service:

Many storage media come to us via different delivery services (e.g. local post service, DHL, PDP, GLS). After confirming your order for diagnosis, you can send us your storage media, please mind our packing tips for sending your storage media.

Dropping off your storage media yourself:

You can come by our offices during regular business hours – for High Priority cases after an appointment via telephone also outside of our business hours.

Contacting us via phone or email beforehand is advised.


Cleanroom laboratory Austria

Attingo Datenrettung GmbH

Weimarer Straße 90

1190 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 2360101

Fax: +43 1 2360101-40


additional drop-off locations in Austria


Cleanroom laboratory Germany

Attingo Datenrettung GmbH

Warnstedtstraße 12b

22525 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: 040 5488 7560

Fax: 040 54588 756-40


additional drop-off locations in Germany


Cleanroom laboratory Netherlands

Attingo Datarecovery B.V.

Luzernestraat 51

2153 GM Nieuw Vennep, Netherlands

Phone:  +31 252 621 625

Fax:  +31 252 621 727


additional drop-off locations in the Netherlands


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