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Will the price be cheaper if I only need one or a few files?
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Will the price be cheaper if I only need one or a few files?

- Sebastian Evers

Data recovery is primarily about reviving the data medium for the last time in order to be able to reconstruct the data it contains. Regardless of whether it is a single file, a handful of files or a completely full data carrier, the impact on the costs are negligible, particularly in the case of physical damage.

If access to the data medium has been stabilized, the raw data can in most cases be extracted automatically. Our experience in the past few decades has shown that it is best to make a 1:1 raw data copy in most cases. Here, the less critical surface areas are first read out and only gradually approached to the area with the surface damage in order to minimize the risk of an expansion of the surface damages or other consequential damage. This enables us to deliver the best possible result to our customers. In addition, it happens again and again that customers cannot specify what, where or how much was actually stored on the data carrier, or only realize after the data recovery has been completed that other - previously unspecified - files would also have been relevant.

Only in very rare cases, when the condition of the hard disk is almost fatal, for example, when the surface damage has already spread across the entire magnetic disk surface, we try to read out the most important files first, since the total failure of the hard disk can be expected at any time. In these cases, however, a complete result is rarely to be expected and the effort also exceeds the average data recovery case.


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