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Corporate History
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with all common systems.

Corporate History

For more than 25 years on the market


Nicolas Ehrschwendner founds an individual enterprise with the service spectrum data rescue, database development and IT support in August.


Attingo constantly invests in new technologies and methods for data rescue and gains a major position in the Austrian market. The individual enterprise is brought into the Attingo Information Technology Ltd.


Nicolas Ehrschwendner and Peter Franck found the Attingo Data Rescue Ltd. Attingo relocated to a new location in the 19th district of Vienna and expands the clean room laboratories. The demand for data rescue increases Europe-wide, so the 100 percent daughter Attingo Data Rescue Ltd. is founded in Hamburg, Germany. Only a few moths later the daughter Attingo Datarecovery B.V. is founded in the Netherlands - the European presence is further increased.


Attingo exhibitions as an expert for data rescue and recovery at the security fair "it-sa" in Nuremberg and the "Discuss & Discover" in Munich for the first time.


Attingo Austria, Germany and Netherlands receive the ISO9001:2008 certificate for quality management in data rescue. The Attinfo research department develops a method for reconstructing data from the Linux file system EXT4. Attingo improves the process engineering for the reconstruction of lost data from RAID 6 arrays.


First ISO9001:2008 reaudit for Attingo Austria, Germany and Netherlands. The compliance of the certified processes is verified. Attingo Germany and Austria exhibit as experts for data rascue and recovery at the "it-sa" in Nuremberg.


Attingo Germany exhibits as expert for data rescue and recovery in the healthcare sector at the "conhIT" in Berlin. Thanks to an incease in RAID and server data rescue, the number of machines in the clean room laboratory in Hamburg is growing significantly.


In autumn the data rescue experts of Attingo Austria exhibit at the new trade fair "IT carinthia" in Klagenfurt.


Attingo is the first laboratory world-wide to develop a method for data reconstruction from defective helium gard drives. Attingo Germany exhibits at the "wirtschaftNORDGATE" in Neumüster.


Server manufacturer Thomas Krenn und Attingo enter into a partnership.


Attingo is certified with EN ISO 9001:2015 after another reaudit. In autumn 2016 Attingo Austria receives the state award, which is the highest offical award for economic enterprises in Austria.


Attingo Netherlands has expanded its cooperation with TDS in the area of ​​tape data recovery and expanded its own laboratory equipment for data recovery and data migration of tape.


After several years of good cooperation, Attingo Datarecovery completely took over the company Ruskauff Data Services in October.

Attingo Team
DI (FH) Markus Häfele
General Manager
Peter Franck
Robbert Brans
Ing. Özgür Göksu
Maximilian Maurer
Spare Part Manager
Dipl. Ing. Nicolas Ehrschwendner
Partner and consultant
Sebastian Evers
Customer support
Boris Hakaso
Paul Carlson
success rate
25 years
of experience
rescue success