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RAID 0 Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with data rescue from RAID 0 arrays.

RAID 0 Recovery

A RAID 0 recovery can be especially tricky, because unlike other RAID levels there is no data redundancy. We are confronted with defective RAID 0 systems on a regular basis. When one single hard drive falls out, the chances of a successful data recovery are getting significantly worse, if the user tries to rescue the data on their own.

Causes and prospects for RAID 0 recovery

Malfunction and/or breakdown of a hard drive is the most common error when it comes to RAID 0 systems. This leads to the data being no longer accessible.

In most cases a RAID 0 recovery is successful. Chances are better if there haven't been any rescue attempts in the run-up. That applies to databases, virtual machines and lost film material as well.

Please provide as much information as you have about the defect and former rescue attempts. Our technicians and engineers are experts when it comes to RAID cases.

RAID 0 Recovery

RAID 0 Recovery

RAID 0 recovery expert knowledge

Our technicians and engineers are specialised in recovering defective servers, NAS and RAID systems and have been reverse engineering nearly every common RAID controller. Profound knowledge on internal system structures (e.g. firmware), algorithms (e.g. partiy process) and RAID controllers provides a solid basis for a quick and reliable RAID recovery.

We use our in-house RAID data rescue software to virtually simulate the network, which saves a lot of time. We reverse engineered RAID controlles from the following manufacturers: Adaptec RAID Controller, 3Ware, ICP Vortex, Intel, Areca, ATTO, Dawicontrol, HighPoint, LSI, QLogic,

Highly qualified technicians and engineers are working on RAID cases on a daily basis, comprising all common (also proprietary) RAID levels. A RAID 0 recovery is seldom impossible, when the damage is fatal. In most cases we can restore your data from defective RAID 0 servers!

The duration of a RAID 0 recovery is dependent on the damage, the number and capacity of hard drives. A general statement concerning the duration is therefore not possible. Please contact us so we can evaluate your individual case. In very urgent cases our technicians and engineers are working on your case all around the clock. The whole data rescue is solely performed in our in-house clean room laboratories.

RAID 0 recovery tips

  • It's very important that you remain calm. Even if there have been rescue attempts, a successful recovery is not impossible.
  • Tell us the hard drive model used in the RAID 0.
  • What kind of device is it (NAS, DAS, ...)?
  • Tell us the RAID 0 controller model (or rather the type of mainboard, if the RAID 0 controller is operted onboard). This information may speed up the data recovery process.
  • Do not install or initialise anything on the system anymore.
  • Do not restart or rebuild the RAID 0 to prevent consequential data loss.
  • Label all the hard drives with their slot number and mark the defective ones.
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2015-02-20: , Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 aus Buffalo Linkstation LS-WXL | RAID0 | Linux | XFS

Sehr zufrieden, dass es auch diesmla wieder geklappt hat
2012-10-18: , Hitachi DeskStar HDS723020BLA642 aus Lacie 2 big Thunderbolt | RAID0 | MacOS X | HFS

Nichts zu beanstanden
2011-10-06: , Seagate Barracuda ES ST3750640NS aus RAID-Verbund | RAID0 | MacOS X | HFS

Sind zufrieden und dankbar, dass wir Daten so schnell vollständig wieder bekommen haben

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