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RAID Recovery
We restore your data professionally and are very experienced with defective RAID systems!

RAID Recovery

Attingo is specialized in restoring data from defective RAID arrays. Ongoing research and development as well as profound knowledge about RAID controllers and longstanding experience make us a leading European provider for RAID recovery. Our technicians work with complex storage systems on a daily basis and therefore are very experienced.

24h-Service 98% rescue success

Attingo solves your RAID problem!

You need help with your defective RAID? We can help you, regardless of

In over 98 % percent of cases we are able to recover data from defective servers, RAID and NAS storage systems!

RAID recovery - causes for data loss

There are diverse causes for data loss from RAID systems. You have to differentiate between physical and logical damage. It often occurs that physical defects also cause logical ones.

Physical causes

  • RAID is offline after another hard drive crashed during the rebuild
  • RAID failure after server reboot
  • Overheating causes hard drive failure
  • Overvoltage, blackout
  • Defective RAID Controller (e.g. firmware bug)
  • Failure after a firmware update

Logical causes

  • Fatal RAID system rebuild, the wrong hard drive has been exchanged, files and databases are damaged or corruptive
  • No access to data after performing chkdsk or fsck
  • Defective or damaged file system
  • Deleted data
  • Enlarging the RAID with another hard drive went wrong
  • No access to one or alle virtual servers
  • Loss of the original RAID configuration
professional RAID Recovery

professional RAID Recovery

Keep calm in case of RAID failure!

It's important that you remain calm! As experienced data rescuers we recommed to not apply power to the storage system anymore.

File system check is a risk

A file system check (chdsk, fsck) or similar programs can cause major logical damage after a reboot, which minimizes the chances of a successful data recovery.

RAID is suddenly offline? Don't switch it on again!

If your RAID is suddenly offline, you shouldn't switch it on again. Especially if there hasn't been a rebuild, failure means that at least one hard drive is defective and the RAID may have operated in degraded mode for an indefinite period.

Don't force the RAID online!

It's incredibly risky to force a defective RAID online, because it can easily cause fatal data loss. Es besteht ein erhebliches Risiko, ein ausgefallenes RAID online zu forcen. Defective hard drives, which were damaged due to a reading error oder defective sectors, may be reimplemented into the RAID array and cause corruptive data.

Label all hard drives of the RAID

To avoid confusion the defective hard drive(s) sould be marked. You should also label all the hard drives with their position (slot, hot spare) to facilitate the data rescue process.

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RAID recovery with Attingo

Our staff is available all around the clock

Contact us if you experienced data loss. Give us a call if you have you need an emergency data rescue which has to be performed as fast as possible. 

Attingo is rescueing your data already during the diagnosis

After the diagnosis is finished you receive a fixed price offer and a list of saved data. We'll be happy to advise you on our different diagnosis options.

Your RAID does not leave the country

Defective hard drives will neither be sent abroad nor to third-party providers. The data rescue will be solely performed in our in-house clean rooms.

Spare parts store with over 14.500 hard drives

Our extensive spare parts storage allows a quick resuce and provides the basis for RAID recovery. At the moment is comprises around 14.500 spare parts of every manufacturer.

Profound technical knowledge

Attingo technicians and engineers are specialized in recovering all types of defective servers, RAID and NAS systems with all common RAID levels  (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6) as well as proprietary network systems. Fine mechanics and knowledge about internal system structures, algorithms and performance of RAID controllers are necessary for a successful RAID recovery.


General information about RAID arrays

RAID arrays are used for saving data redundantly. In the past this technology was mainly used in companies with server and enterprise storage systems, but nowadays it's also common in the consumer area as NAS systems with more than one hard drive. Dependent on the RAID level, one or more hard drive(s) can fall out without affecting the integrity of the data (excluding RAID0). The most common RAID levels are RAID0 (striping) , RAID1 (data mirroring), RAID5 (redundancy with one parity) and RAID6 (redundancy with double parity) as well as combinations of individual RAID levels (e.g. RAID10, RAID50, RAID51).

Regarding the structure there are differences between hardware and software RAIDs. A hardware RAID is administered via a hardware controller (e.g. Adaptec, 3Ware, LSI, Promise) while a software RAID is administered via a certain software.

The data media used are mostly SAS or SATA hard drives. In the past hard drives with SCSI or SCA interfaces were more common. A main reason why RAID recovery is often needed is that users confuse data availabilty with data security.

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Wir können nur Danke sagen!

Die einzigen echten mit Datenrettungslabor vor Ort
2015-02-20: , Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 aus Buffalo Linkstation LS-WXL | RAID0 | Linux | XFS

Freundlichkeit, gute Beratung, offensichtliches technisches Know
2011-01-28: , WD1000FYPS-18ZKB0 WD RE2-GP aus DELL NAS mit Red Hat 5 | RAID10 | Linux | EXT

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