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Data rescue of RAID 6 hard disks

RAID 6 data rescue
Reed-Solomon, Double-Parity, Vertical XOR

In its basic principles, RAID 6 is very similar to RAID 5 with the main difference that up to two hard disks can fail safely. The controller has much higher hardware requirements, as although here the parity is also calculated by means of XOR, however additionally by means of highly complex mathematical functions, as a result of which a data rescue becomes extremely complex. However, again Attingo has reverse-engineered practically all controllers and can simulate these virtually.


  • Three or more disks at the same time or one after the other failed.
  • RAID 6 rebuild aborted. Even one read error on a second hard drive can cause the abortion of the rebuild.
  • There was no error message, that multiple hard drives have already failed. Often this is a malfunction of the RAID 6 controller.
RAID 6 datarecovery Adaptec Controller-bios RAID 6 Degraded
RAID 6 datarecovery, Adaptec Controller-BIOS RAID 6 Degraded

Typical error messages

  • RAID offline
  • RAID SUB-Optimal
  • RAID critical
  • DISK failed
  • Drive missing

Additional steps

  • Labelling of all hard disks installed in the server with the correct slot number and an additional marking of the defective hard disks.
  • Which RAID controller was used?
  • Avoid performing a rebuild. However, if this was performed, was it completed or was it aborted?
RAID 6 Datenrettung

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