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Data rescue RAID1 - mirrored

Data rescue of mirrored RAID1 hard disks

RAID 1 performs a mirroring of the data. This entails that the same data is present on each hard disk, irrespective of the fact of how many hard disks have been installed. As a result, data is not immediately lost in the case of a defect of a hard disk. However, the failure of a hard disk often goes unnoticed and instead is only discovered when the RAID systems no longer works.

Typical error messages

  • RAID 1 offline
  • RAID 1 critical
  • Disk failed

Possible reasons for failure

  • RAID1 controller has failed
    No access to the data is possible due to a defect of the RAID controller. The chances of a RAID 1 data rescue are very good.
  • Data was deleted
    In the case of the deletion of files, this occurs on all hard disks that are installed. Here, depending on the file system and the actions taken after the deletion, the data can only be recovered with some reservations.
  • Failure of a second hard disk
    Often the failure of a hard disk goes unnoticed, either because the indication light is not functional or because it is missed. If an additional hard disk should fail now, the RAID 1 system will no longer be accessible. Due to the fact that it might be possible to reconstruct data from the previously failed storage medium, all hard disks must be provided in order to increase the chances.

Please provide the following information

  • Types of hard disk
  • The exact designation of the unit
  • The model of the RAID1 controller (or of the main board, if this has been installed)

Additional important steps

To ensure that chances of a data rescue are not diminished or in the worst case prevented at all, please observe the following points:
  • No initialisation
  • No installation
  • No restart
  • No rebuild

RAID 1 data rescue

Our technicians have reverse-engineered practically all available RAID controllers and for this reason are prepared for each data rescue case. Additionally, they have specialist knowledge of system structures, algorithms and the behaviour of RAID controllers in order to ensure a quick and successful reconstruction.

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Assistance in the case of data loss

In most cases, data loss leads to a state of emergency. Please contact us! Our job is to reduce the damage you experience resulting from data loss to a minimum.

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In the case of data loss, you can reach us from Mon-Sun, 0-24 hours. Qualified engineers will handle your data rescue case around the clock.

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