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RAID0 data rescue: Striping SPAN JBOD

Data rescue RAID0 – also possible without redundancy

Due to the fact that no redundant information is stored in RAID0 systems, contrary to all other RAID levels, the failure of a single disk will already lead to a total failure. The two configuration options stripe and span differ significantly in the distribution of data. During “striping”, data is divided into small blocks (usually between 1 and 128 kB) and distributed in stripes across the connected hard disks. With the rather uncommon setting of “spanning”, the data is written in rows to the hard disks, comparable to a block size across the full capacity. The utmost of care is always required in the case of a failure of a RAID0 system. The most common cause of errors in RAID0 systems is the physical damage to one of the storage media present in the system, as a result of which access to the entire volume is no longer possible.

Read errors due to individual spots on the surface can be the cause for the failure, which also often lead to defects to the write/read head elements. Similarly, bearing damage or electronic damage are common reasons for the failure of hard disks. Due to the fact that the total failure of a hard disk leads to fatal consequences, it is especially recommended to disconnect the storage media from the power supply in order to avoid the risk of expanding the damage.

Chances of success of a data rescue in a RAID0 system

In a majority of the cases we handle, we can successfully reconstruct the data. As a general rule, the sooner you notice the failure and turn off the hard disks, the greater the chances of success of the data rescue are. This applies in particular to databases, virtual machines or video and audio files that are typically stored on RAID0 systems. The more detailed your specifications in regard to the problem and the final minutes before the failure are as well as information regarding recovery attempts you have already performed yourself, the more efficiently our technicians can utilise the measures at their disposal.

Marking of the hard disks in the RAID system

  • Label all storage media contained in the system with the slot number and mark all defective hard disks or send the entire unit to us.
  • Please also note which RAID controller is installed. In this manner, the work involved on our side is reduced and as a result your costs as well.

RAID 0 datarecovery

Processing time of a RAID0 data rescue

The time required for a RAID0 data rescue depends on the specific type of damage and the resulting work required to facilitate the correct initialisation of the damaged hard disk(s) and the number as well as the capacity of the hard disks. Please contact our specialists for an individual consultation in order to draw up an initial rough deadline and cost estimate. With our High Priority Service, we are available around the clock in very urgent cases. The processing of your data rescue case will be solely performed in our in-house clean room laboratory in Vienna Döbling.

Common error messages of a failed RAID0

  • Array offline
  • Device failed
  • Drive missing

RAID 0 Datarecovery Adaptec Controller RAID 0 offline
Attingo, RAID0 data rescue, Adaptec Controller RAID0 offline

Your next steps

Assistance in the case of data loss

In most cases, data loss leads to a state of emergency. Please contact us! Our job is to reduce the damage you experience resulting from data loss to a minimum.

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Data rescue in High Priority 24/7

In the case of data loss, you can reach us from Mon-Sun, 0-24 hours. Qualified engineers will handle your data rescue case around the clock.

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