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Data rescue of virtualised servers

Attingo data rescue is the leading European provider for the reconstruction of virtualised servers. Our technicians routinely reconstruct data from damaged virtualised environments, irrespective of the storage system, the type of virtualisation software that is used, of the host and guest system as well as the file systems.

Causes for data loss in virtualised systems

  • Failure of the storage system

    Usually, virtualised systems use iSCSI or RAID storage systems for the storage of the individual guest systems. In the case of the failure of the storage system, none of the virtual machines will be available. This is the common cause for a data loss of virtualised servers. More detailed information on RAID data rescue can be found here.
  • Errors in the host file system

    The virtualisation software of many providers store their guest systems on default file systems, such as NTFS in Windows or EXT and XFS in Linux. However, some providers utilise proprietary file systems they have developed themselves, such as VMware with its VMFS file system. Extensive knowledge on the structure and design of these proprietary file systems is required in order to perform a successful data recovery.
  • Error in the guest images

    In many cases, the individual guests are stored in images in a joint file system. Examples are VMDK in VMware or VHD in Hyper-V. Each image corresponds to a virtual hard disk, which can also be divided into additional snapshots. The logical structure of this specific image depends on the utilised virtualisation server. Precise knowledge on the logical structure of these files is required in order to be able to recover data from defective guest images.
  • Accidental deletion of guest images

    It is quite common that virtualised servers are accidentally deleted. Often a single mouse click is sufficient to delete an entire server. In this case, it is especially important to immediately shut down the host server and do not continue running it, even if this will result in the temporary standstill of all other virtualised servers. This is the only method in which the imminent data loss can be prevented.
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The more interlaced the more effort for data recovery

The specialization on the data rescue of virtualised servers entails that practically all areas of professional data recovery must be covered. Often multiple interlocked steps are required in order to be able to reconstruct the data of virtualised servers:
  • Physical laboratory for the data rescue of defective hard disks from a RAID array
  • Logical laboratory for the simulation of the RAID array and the iSCSI targets and LUNs (logical units) contained on them
  • Reconstruction of host file systems, for example VMFS.
  • Recovery of guest images, for example VMDK.
  • Diagnosis of the content of the individual guest images, such as LVM (logical volume) and EXT4 file system in a Linux server or several partitions with NTFS of a Windows domain server.
  • Reconstruction of files and databases within the individual guests, such as an Exchange database of a Windows server or the web directory as well as the MySQL database of a Linux web server.

Attingo data rescue engineers routinely reconstruct complex virtualised servers. Reverse engineering and more than 20 years of experience ensure optimal results in the case of data loss in virtualised environments. We are also fully prepared for your case, irrespective if several hundred gigabytes or several terabytes of data or only a few or even dozens of systems with different operating systems are involved. In urgent cases, our technicians will also reconstruct your virtual servers around the clock.

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In most cases, data loss leads to a state of emergency. Please contact us! Our job is to reduce the damage you experience resulting from data loss to a minimum.

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