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Data rescue of HP ProLiant server

There are a variety of reasons, why data loss of HP RAID systems can occur, ranging from physical to logical defects. Fortunately, it is in nearly all of the cases possible to recover databases, file servers or virtual servers. Our engingeers reconstruct on a regular basis lost data of HP ProLiant server RAIDs, irrespective wheter it is an entry level server, a large enterprise business server or a SAN storage of the MSA Storageworks series.

Causes of failure of HP servers

The most common cause for data loss are several defective SAS or SATA hard disks or in some older models SCSI hard drives (LVD).

The rebuild will be aborted if only one read error occurs after the swapping of hard disks, resulting in no access to the degraded RAID.
Attingo HP DL360 Smart Array Drive Failure
Attingo, HP Smart Array Drive Array Drive Failure

Similarly, a defective RAID controller can cause a failure. Typical error messages are:
  • RAID offline
  • RAID critical
  • RAID rebuilding
  • repair failed drive
  • Logical drive(s) disabled

Our engineers recover data from HP Proliant RAID servers on a daily basis, irrespective of the utilised RAID level and the degree of virtualisation. Attingo is the leading provider of data rescue services of enterprise storage systems in virtualised environments due to continuous research and development.

However, we have to notice again and again the the chances of a successful and complete reconstruction of data is inhibited by selfmade rescue attempts.
Attingo HP DL380 Smart Array Drive Missing RAID FAILED
Attingo, HP Smart Array Drive MISSING, RAID FAILED

The most important steps after a failure of Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers

  • Avoid reboots in order to prevent rebuilds.
  • Shut the server down and take it from the current.
  • Carefully label all hard disks of the RAID system with their respective position (slot number) and additionally label the hard disk that the controller has marked as defective.
  • Specify the exact model designation of the HP Proliant server.
  • Specify the exact model designation of the RAID controller.
  • Under no circumstances open the storage media. This could make the data rescue considerably more difficult.
  • Do not install additional applications on the RAID system.

Data rescue and data analysis

Contact us for individual advice and an estimate of the costs, which depending on the work required, the damage that has occurred and the selected processing model. Additionally, we will handle your case from the pick-up until the delivery of the recovered data and will keep you up-to-date on the developments. In urgent cases, we are available around the clock for any questions you might have.

built-in RAID controller

HP Smart Array Controller

HP Smart Array P212
HP Smart Array P410
HP Smart Array P410i
HP Smart Array P411
HP Smart Array P712m
HP Smart Array P711m
HP Smart Array P812
HP Smart Array E200
HP Smart Array P400
HP Smart Array P600
HP Smart Array P642
HP Smart Array P700m
HP Smart Array P800
HP Smart Array 6i

Compaq Smart Array Controller

Compaq Smart Array 5302
Compaq Smart Array 5304
Compaq Smart Array 5312
Compaq Smart Array 4300
Compaq Smart Array 5i
Compaq Smart Array 532
Compaq Smart Array 431

Attingo Datarescue

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Data loss of a HP server?

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Excerpt of supported models

HP Datarecovery Attingo’s technicians routinely successfully reconstruct data from these and other models. In the case of an emergency data rescue, the case will be handled around the clock – even on weekends and bank holidays.

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant DL100 Server

HP DL120 G5
HP DL120 G6
HP DL120 G7
HPE DL120 Gen9
HP DL140 G2
HP DL140 G3
HP DL145 G2
HP DL145 G3
HP DL160 G5
HP DL160 G6
HP DL160 Gen8
HPE DL160 Gen9
HP DL165 G5
HP DL165 G5p
HP DL165 G6
HP DL165 G7
HP DL170h G6
HP DL180 G5
HP DL180 G6
HPE DL180 Gen9
HP DL185 G5
HPE DL60 Gen9
HPE DL80 Gen9

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant DL300 Server

HP DL320 G4
HP DL320 G5
HP DL320 G5p
HP DL320 G6
HP DL320e Gen8
HP DL320e Gen8 v2
HP DL360 G4
HP DL360 G4p
HP DL360 G5
HP DL360 G6
HP DL360 G7
HP DL360 Gen8
HPE DL360 Gen9
HP DL360e Gen8
HP DL360p Gen8
HP DL365 G5
HP DL370 G6
HP DL380 G4
HP DL380 G5
HP DL380 G6
HP DL380 G7
HP DL380 Gen8
HP DL380e Gen8
HP DL380p Gen8
HPE DL380 Gen9
HP DL385 G2
HP DL385 G5
HP DL385 G5p
HP DL385 G6
HP DL385 G7
HP DL385p Gen8

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant DL500 Server

HP DL560 Gen8
HPE DL560 Gen9
HP DL580 G3
HP DL580 G4
HP DL580 G5
HP DL580 G7
HP DL580 G8
HPE DL580 Gen9
HP DL585 G2
HP DL585 G5
HP DL585 G6
HP DL585 G7

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant DL700 Server

HP DL740
HP DL760 G2
HP DL785 G5
HP DL785 G6

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant DL900 Server

HP DL980 G7  

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant ML100 Server

HP ML110 G3
HP ML110 G4
HP ML110 G5
HP ML110 G6
HP ML110 G7
HPE ML110 Gen9
HP ML10 Gen 8
HP ML10 Gen 9
HP ML10 v2
HP ML115 G5
HPE ML150 Gen9
HP DL170h G6
HP DL180 G5
HP DL180 G6
HP DL185 G5

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant ML300 Server

HP ML310 G3
HP ML310 G4
HP ML310 G5
HP ML310 G5p
HP ML310e Gen8
HP ML310e Gen8 v2
HP ML330 G6
HP ML350 G4p
HP ML350 G5
HP ML350 G6
HP ML350 G9
HP ML350e Gen8
HP ML350e Gen8 v2
HP ML350p Gen8
HPE ML350 Gen9
HP ML360p Gen8
HP ML370 G4
HP ML370 G5
HP ML370 G6
HPE ML30 Gen9

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant ML500 Server

HP ML570 G3
HP ML570 G4

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant BL BladeSystem

HP BL20p G3
HP BL20p G4
HP BL25p
HP BL45p
HP WS460c Gen8
HPE WS460c Gen9
HP BL2x220c G7
HP BL280c G6
HP BL420c Gen8
HP BL460c G6
HP BL460c G7
HP BL460c Gen8
HPE BL460c Gen9
HP BL465c G7
HP BL465c Gen8
HP BL490c G7
HP BL495c
HP BL620c G7
HP BL660 Gen8
HP BL660c Gen8
HPE BL660c Gen9
HP BL680c G7
HP BL685c G7
HP BL870c
HP BL890c

Datarecovery of HP ProLiant SL Scalable

HP SL160z G6
HP SL165S G7
HP SL170z G6
HP SL170s G6
HP SL2x170z G6
HP SL210t Gen8
HP SL230s Gen8
HP SL250s Gen8
HP SL270s Gen8 SE
HP SL335s G7
HP SL390s G7
HP SL2500
HP SL4540 G7
HP SL4540 Gen8

Datarecovery of HP Modular Smart Array

HP StorageWorks 20 (MSA20)
HP StorageWorks 30 (MSA30)
HP StorageWorks 50 (MSA50)
HP StorageWorks 60 (MSA60)
HP StorageWorks 70 (MSA70)
HP StorageWorks 1000 (MSA1000)
HP StorageWorks 1040 (MSA1040)
HP StorageWorks 1500 (MSA1500)
HP StorageWorks 1510i (MSA1510i)
HP StorageWorks 2000 (MSA2000)
HP StorageWorks 2040 (MSA2040)
HP StorageWorks 2052 (MSA2052)

Datarecovery of HP Proliant XL Server

HP Apollo r2000
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9
HPE Apollo 4520
HP Apollo 6000
HPE Apollo 6500 System
HPE ProLiant XL170r Gen9
HPE ProLiant XL190r Gen9
HP ProLiant XL220a Gen8 v2
HPE ProLiant XL230a Gen9
HPE ProLiant XL250a Gen9
HPE ProLiant XL450 Gen9 Server
HPE ProLiant XL730f Gen9
HP ProLiant XL740f Gen9
HPE ProLiant XL750f Gen9