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Just a Bunch of Disks
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The acronym JBOD stands for Just a Bunch of Disks and refers to a collection of hard drives that are located in the same housing or on the same controller, but can be used or controlled independently of each other - unlike in the case of a RAID . Hardware controllers enable the RAID function to be deactivated and the connected hard drives to be made available individually for the operating system. An undefined number of hard disks can also be connected to a computer in different ways (SATA, IDE, SCSI, USB) and linked to a logical volume, a JBOD. The combination of several hard disks lined up on a RAID controller to form a single drive or the division of one or more hard disks into several logical drives (in order to present them to the operating system as multiple hard disks) can also be understood as JBOD. This also opens up certain similarities to the NRAID or SPAN, which, like a JBOD, have no redundant storage.

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