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Helium Hard Drive Recovery
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with helium hard drives from Seagate, Western Digital and HGST.

Helium Hard Drive Recovery

Attingo is restoring lost data from helium hard drives on a regular basis. With more than 25 years of experience, know-how and specialised technicians and engineers we reconstruct your data from damaged helium hard drives in our in-house clean room laboratories.

We are able to recover, safe and reconstruct your data from the following helium hard drive models/series (and more):

  • Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v7
  • Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v7 (SED)
  • Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD V6
  • Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD V6 (SED)
  • HGST Ultrastar He6
  • HGST UltrastarHe8
  • HGST UltrastarHe10
  • HGST UltrastarHe12
  • Western Digital Red NAS
  • Western Digital Red Pro NAS
  • Western Digital Gold Enterprise
  • Western Digital Purple Surveillance

Data rescue is all about trust - confide in us!

In-house clean room laboratories, specifically developed tools for physical und logical data rescue, ISO certicified processes, professional expertise, skilled technial staff, professionality and many years of practical experience in restoring data from helium hard drives are just a few of our assets and the key to a successful data rescue! We restore your supposedly lost data.

Your next steps after data loss:

  • Don't apply power to the helium hard drive anymore to prevent subsequential damage and increase the chances of a successful data rescue.
  • If possible, tell us the exact model number (e.g. HUS726060ALA640, ST12000NM0037) or model name (e.g. Ultrastar He6, Enterprise Capicity) and capacity of your helium hard drive.
  • We advise you on our Diagnose Services and the process of the data rescue. Our staff is available all around the clock for an emergency data rescue.
  • Take a look at our packaging tips, so your hard drives arrives in our laboratory safely and unharmed.

General information about helium hard drives:

The benefits of helium hard drives are versatile, which is why it was said to be suitable for every purpose for a long time. Thanks to many years of research and develpment the storage capacity of helim hard drives was improved significantly. 

Crucial benefits of helium hard drives:

  • Higher storage capacity
  • Fewer vibrations dependet on resistance
  • Reduced hard drive motor energy demand
  • Lower device temperature thanks to higher thermal conductivity

Helum hard drive develpment

  • During the 1960ies Control Data experimented with rotating drums filled with helium, fed by external helium tanks in order to keep and renew a constant helium level on the inside. This method was proven to be inefficent and expensive, so that only a few helium hard drive were produced. 
  • In the 19080s IBM and NTT revived the concept and contructed HDAs, that were lockend in metal containers filled with helium. The drum was filled with 280 litres and sealt with a ordinary can fastener. MPI (formally: Control Data) restarted their research and development. The helium hard drive "Patty" was the result. But the sealing of the data carrier was not able to stop the helium from leaking (permeation).
  • After the takeover from Maxtor in 2006, synergies concerning the development of helium filled, sealed HDAs became possible for Seagate. Independent of one another both companies accomplished to cover a broad paltte of oppurtunities for helium hard drives by the end of the 1990ies. Together they developed the so-called C-seal for covering the bottom of the helium hard drive.
  • In autumn 2012 Hitachi Global Storage Technology (Western Digital) announced the first market-ready helium hard drive worldwide. It came to market in 2013 with the Ultrastar He6 (model: HUS726060ALA640).

First helium data rescue

In 2014 Attingo as the first data rescuer developed a standardised method for saving and restoring data from hard drives with helium atmosphere (HUS726060ALA640) under the leadership of Peter Franck. Since then gas cylinders belong to the standard equipment in our hightech laboratories. Our press release drew a lot of attention. By now helium hard drive recovery is an inevitable skill every data rescuer must have.

Attingo has already successfully recovered data from following models

HGST Ultrastar He Helium-Festplatte


Seagate Enterprise Capicity Helium-Festplatte

ST12000NM0017 (SED)
ST12000NM0037 (SED)
ST10000NM0236 (SED/FIPS)
ST10000NM0226 (SED)
ST10000NM0186 (SED/FIPS)
ST10000NM0156 (SED)
ST10000NM0246 (SED/FIPS)
ST10000NM0216 (SED)
ST10000NM0176 (SED/FIPS)
ST10000NM0166 (SED)

WD Gold Enterprise Class HelioSeal™


WD RED NASware HelioSeal™


WD RED Pro NASware HelioSeal™


WD Surveillance HelioSeal™


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