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Data Recovery IBM Server RAID - System x, BladeCenter, Power System
We recover your data professionally and are very experienced with IBM Servers.
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IBM Server Data Recovery

Extensive knowledge and experience of internal system structures, algorithms and behaviour of RAID controllers and the used RAID level are required to recover data from an IBM server. Defective SAS hard drives, faulty RAID controllers are the most common causes for a data loss.

Error Messages inside the IBM Integrated Management Module

The IBM Integrated Management Module contains logs about the current system state. These logs can also give information about the cause of failure that may be important for a successful data recovery.

Critical Events can be:

  • Redundancy Lost for "Power Group 1" has asserted
  • The Drive has been disabled due to a detected fault
  • Array in system "SN#" has failed

Typical Warning Events are:

  • Failure Predicted on drive "Drive #" for array "SN#"

Data Recovery from RAID systems and virtual machines

Attingo is a leading company for data recovery of entry level and enterprise storage systems in virtualized architectures.
Regardless of the RAID level, the degree of virtualization, operating and file system,
we rescue data from various RAID sets on a daily basis. Only in a very small number of cases (smaller than 1%) a data recovery is impossible because of fatal damages to the media.
Knowledge about host operating and file systems, logical volume managers and their guest OSes and file systems are essential.

The less you try to do on your own the bigger are the chances for a complete and successful data recovery. This also applies for logical problems like e.g. databases and virtual machines. Chances for a failed data recovery from an IBM Blade Center, IBM System X-servers or IBM eSever zSeries are rare (<1%) and the most common cause is a fatal damage to one or more of the hard drives. Human interference or a fatal rebuild lower the chance for a successful recovery (~8%).

Avoid more damage to your IBM server

  • Avoid a reboot to prevent an automatic rebuild.
  • Switch off the server immediately and disconnect the power cable.
  • Mark all hard drives with their positions as well as their state if they are damaged or defective.
  • Please tell us the exact model name of your IBM server.
  • Do not open any hard drive by any means! This may cause additional damage and lower the chances of a successful recovery.
  • Do not install any programs on the failed IBM server. This may overwrite critical data.

Data recovery and data anlysis

Please contact us for an individual offer. The price for a data recovery depends on the kind of damage, the amount of work and the type or model of your failed IBM server.

We arrange the pick up of your defective storage meida and the delivery of your rescued data from your failed IBM server and we constantly keep you up to date.

In urgent / time sensitive cases we are here to help you around the clock. For immediate handling we also offer a High Priority Service.


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Professionalität und Ruhe
2012-09-26: , Seagate ST9300605SS aus IBM Server x3650 M3 | RAID5 | VMware | VMFS (VMware)

Ehrliche faire Beratung
2014-01-17: , IBM Ultrastar DGHS COMP IEC-950 aus HP Server E45-9000 | Linux | Unix

Grundsätzlich gut gefallen
2010-01-05: , IBM DPSS-336950 ICP Vortex Controller | RAID5 | Novell

Attingo rekonstruierte bereits Daten von folgenden Modellen

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IBM BladeCenter JS12
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IBM Power System Series

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IBM System z Series

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IBM RS/6000 Series

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