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Data rescue of IBM system series

Data rescue of IBM servers

A successful data recovery of IBM servers needs comprehensive know-how. Defective SAS hard disks, damages of the RAID controller or of the already integrated SAS controller are the most common causes for data loss. An in-depth knowledge of the internal system structures (eg. firmware), algorithms (eg. distribution of the parity) and the behaviour of all the different IBM RAID controller as well as years of experience in the field of RAID data rescue are the foundation of a successful recovery of the needed data.

Error messages of IBM integrated management modules

The the IBM integrated management module informs you about the current system status. This sometimes gives information about the cause of failure, which may be useful for data recovery.
Datenrettung IBM Server RAID
IBM Integrated Management Module with Critical Events

Critical Events can be:
  • Redundancy Lost for "Power Group 1" has asserted
  • The Drive has been disabled due to a detected fault
  • Array in system "SN#" has failed

Typical warning events are for example:
  • Failure Predicted on drive "Drive #" for array "SN#"

Data rescue of RAID systems and virtual machines

Because of continuous research and development, Attingo is the leading expert for data recovery of enterprise storage systems in virtualized environments. Irrespective of the used RAID level or degree of virtualisation, our engineers reconstruct on a regular basis lost data of storage RAID servers. A requirement therefor is knowledge of the host operating and file systems, the logical volume manager (eg. LVM), as well as the guest operating and file systems.

The less selfmade attempts are being done, the higer are the chances for a successful and complete data recovery. The hazard of an unrecoverable loss of data of IBM BladeCenter servers as well as IBM System x-Server series or IBM eServer zSeries is only in the rarest cases (less than 1%), caused by fatal damages of the hard disks. More common (about 8%) is a non-successful data rescue because of fatal rebuilds or operating and administration errors.

Prevention of further damage of IBM server

  • Mark very carefully all hard disks with the slot number and mark the faild drive additionally.
  • No further installation of programs.
  • Avoid rebuild. An incomplete or corrupt rebuild can complicate the data rescue. It even lowers the chances to recover all data and files

Data rescue and data analysis

Contact us for individual advice and an estimate of the costs, which depending on the work required, the damage that has occurred and the selected processing model. Additionally, we will handle your case from the pick-up until the delivery of the recovered data and will keep you up-to-date on the developments. In urgent cases, we are available around the clock for any questions you might have.

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Excerpt of supported models

IBM Datarecovery Attingo’s technicians routinely successfully reconstruct data from these and other models. In the case of an emergency data rescue, the case will be handled around the clock – even on weekends and bank holidays.

Datarecovery of IBM BladeCenter/Server

IBM BladeCenter HX5
IBM BladeCenter HS12
IBM BladeCenter HS20
IBM BladeCenter HS21
IBM BladeCenter HS21 XM
IBM BladeCenter HS22
IBM BladeCenter HS22 V
IBM BladeCenter HS23
IBM BladeCenter HS23E
IBM BladeCenter JS12
IBM BladeCenter JS22
IBM BladeCenter JS23
IBM BladeCenter JS43
IBM BladeCenter LS21
IBM BladeCenter PS704
IBM BladeCenter PS703
IBM BladeCenter PS702
IBM BladeCenter PS701
IBM BladeCenter PS700
IBM BladeCenter QS22

Datarecovery of IBM System x Series

IBM System x3100 M4
IBM System x3100 M5
IBM System x3200 M3
IBM System x3250 M3
IBM System x3250 M4
IBM System x3250 M3
IBM System x3300 M4
IBM System x3350
IBM System x3400 M2
IBM System x3400 M3
IBM System x3500 M2
IBM System x3500 M3
IBM System x3500 M4
IBM System x3550 M3
IBM System x3550 M4
IBM System x3630 M3
IBM System x3620 M3
IBM System x3650 M2
IBM System x3650 M3
IBM System x3650 M4
IBM System x3690 X5
IBM System x3755 M3
IBM System x3850 X5
IBM System x3950 X5
IBM System x3950 M2

Datarecovery of IBM iDataPlex Series

IBM System iDataPlex dx360 M4
IBM System iDataPlex dx360 M3

Datarecovery of IBM Power System Series

IBM Power 710
IBM Power 720
IBM Power 730
IBM Power 740
IBM Power 750
IBM Power 770
IBM Power 780
IBM Power 795

Datarecovery of IBM System z Series

IBM System z9
IBM System z9BC
IBM System z9EC
IBM System z10
IBM System z10BC
IBM System z10EC
IBM System z10BC
IBM zEnterprise z114
IBM zEnterprise z196
IBM eServer zSeries z800
IBM eServer zSeries z890
IBM eServer zSeries z900
IBM eServer zSeries z990

Datarecovery of IBM RS/6000 Series

IBM RS/6000 Typ 7006
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7007
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7008
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7009
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7011
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7012
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7013
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7015
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7026
IBM RS/6000 Typ 7048