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Data rescue of NAS network storages

Our technicians and engineers will reconstruct defective NAS systems in our own clean room labs irrespective of the manufacturer, the RAID level and file system.

NAS Data recovery

In the last years, the number of data rescue instances of NAS systems has increased massively. Increasingly, many smaller and medium-sized business are using NAS systems.

Common causes for data loss in NAS systems

  • Failure of the storage system

    NAS systems usually use RAID arrays for the storage of the data. Generally, these are RAID1 or RAID5 systems, to which a logical volume has been connected. All problems that can occur with RAID systems also apply to NAS devices. You can find detailed information in this matter under RAID data rescue.
  • Bugs in the NAS software

    The software of NAS systems usually spans several hundred megabytes up to several gigabytes of data. The RAID management, the control of shares and the implementation of the protocols for the shares (e.g. Windows SMB, AppleTalk, NFS, etc.) are integrated. Software is susceptible to errors. In our experience, firmware updates are particularly risky. As a result of firmware updates in which far-reaching system updates are implemented, very often all shares are lost or empty.

Our knowledge

Attingo data rescue reverse-engineers the software of NAS systems. Our technicians know which encoding, RAID algorithms and file systems are used. The data from NAS systems are reconstructed daily in our laboratories.

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Your next steps

Assistance in the case of data loss

In most cases, data loss leads to a state of emergency. Please contact us! Our job is to reduce the damage you experience resulting from data loss to a minimum.

Our specialists will assist you
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Datarescue in our own clean rooms

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