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International Business Machines Corporation
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Manucafturer: IBM

General information:

Legal form: Corporation
Industry: Information technology
Year founded: 1911 (June 16)
Head office: Armonk (New York), United States
Revenue: $ 79.9 billion


1911 – Ibm is founded in New York on June 16 under the name Comptuting Tabulating and Recording Company (C-T-R). In addition to punch card technology, the company also offers scales and watches.

1924 – C-T-R changes its name to IBM (International Business Machines)

1928 – The IBM punch card with 80 columns becomes the standard for the acquisition and recording of data.

1934 – IBM develops the IBM 801: an automatic check clearing machine for banks.

1944 – IBM introduces the first mainframe computer: the ASCC (automatic sequence controlled calculator) known as Mark I was over 15 meters long, 2.50 meters high and weighed almost 5 tons.

1946 – The first commercial computer: IBM 603

1948 – The successor IBM 604 sells over 5000 copies.

1952 – The magnetic tape storage IBM 726 stores the data volume of 35,000 punch cards.

1955 – The IBM 608 marks a milestone in the development of powerful computers.

1956 – IBM develops the magnetic storage technology of the hard disk with the RAMAC. With a storage capacity of 10 megabits, the storage unit was as large as two refrigerators next to each other.

1966 – The DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) invention revolutionizes the development of faster and less expensive computer memories.

1971 – IBM participation in the invention of the diskette.

1975 – The world's first portable computer appears with the IBM 5100.

1981 – The IBM Personal Computer ushers in the PC revolution.

1992 – IBM launches the ThinkPad notebook.

1997 – IBM's super computer Deep Blue beats the weak world champion Garri Kasparow.

1999 – IBM supports Linux.

2005 – IBM sells its ThinkPad business to Lenovo.


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