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Cyclic Redundancy Check
Wir übernehmen für Sie die professionelle Wiederherstellung von Daten und haben langjährige Erfahrung mit allen gängigen Systemen.

CRC error

The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a verification method for the check value of data. The determination of the test value is used to identify errors in data transmission or storage and, in the best case, even to be able to correct them independently. As a result, a new data transmission can be avoided. In the event of a CRC error, access, copying of data or initialization of the data carrier are prevented. The cyclical redundancy check enables the detection of unwanted changes to the raw data. If defective storage space ((defective sectors/bad blocks, partial surface damage) is found, CRC errors occur - there are many different scenarios for the occurrence of CRC errors.

In most cases, a disk check (Chkdsk) with the options automatically correct file system errors and find/recover bad sectors is recommended. If this fails, experience has shown that there are already severe physical impairments. In such a case, further such measures should be avoided.

Error messages:

  • "X cannot be accessed. Data error (CRC check)"
  • "Data error (CRC check)"
  • "CRC error: The file X does not match the file in the CAB file of the setup. The medium from which the software was installed could be defective"


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