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Continuous research and development

Professional data rescue requires continuous research and development of special procedures in the areas of software and hardware.

Datarescue research and development

Attingo has its own dedicated department, which performs research in the fields of storage medium mechanics, chemistry, physics, electronics as well as in logical storage formats.

Excerpt from our range of research

  • Examples of mechanical research
    Tools for the replacement of hard disk bearings, for the transplantation of magnetic disk stacks, conversion of write/read heads
  • Examples of chemical research
    Special processes for the repair of hard disk liquid bearings as well as the cleaning of surfaces following a fire or water damage, procedures for the removal of memory chips in sandwich construction.
  • Examples of physical research
    Stabilization of defective hard disk bearings, fine adjustment of write/read heads
  • Examples of electronic research
    Procedures for the transplanting of processors, hardware-related manipulations of the hard disk PCB
  • Examples of research of logical memory formats
    Reverse engineering of new file systems, RAID controllers, the development of data rescue software, the reverse engineering of hard disk firmware

Attingo performs in-house development of both tools as well as software solutions. Attingo has reverse-engineered all common RAID controllers on the market and can simulate these virtually by means of software. With the use of this, even complex RAID data rescue cases can be solved within a short span of time.

Attingo also performs research, reverse engineering and development especially on behalf of customers, for instance in the case of proprietary systems.

Peter Franck is the head of research and development and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of data rescue. Additionally, he has experience as an expert and as a UN weapons inspector in the field of computer forensics.
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