Data Rescue 24/7

Cleanrooms in Vienna, Hamburg, Amsterdam

The data rescue of mechanical defective hard disks may only be performed in a clean room laboratory.

Clean room laboratory

The write/read heads in a hard disk float only a few dozen nanometres (which is around 1000 times thinner than a human hair) above the magnetic disks. Even the most minute particle, such dust, is sufficient to cause the write/read heads to impact on the storage medium surfaces. For this reason, hard disks may only be opened in clean room laboratories.

Special tools that have been developed by Attingo itself as well as specialist knowledge is required in order to for instance replace the write/read heads or to transplant the magnetic disks. For this reason, Attingo has modern clean room laboratories and highly trained personnel with many years of experience at all of its branch offices (Vienna, Hamburg, Amsterdam).

Our technicians require extensive specialist competence in order to successfully perform a data rescue. All of our engineers are trained in-house and additionally receive continuous further training.

Photographs of the clean room laboratory of Attingo data rescue.

The daily work of our technicians includes among others

  • Diagnosing as well as repairing electronic damage to PCBs, write/read heads and other electronic components
  • Replacement of defective write/read heads of hard disks in the clean room with the use of a microscope
  • Transplanting magnetic disk stacks (these are the storage medium surfaces) from the hard disks into new enclosures
  • Removal of defective hard disk bearings (the magnetic disks are seated on these), for instance liquid bearings
  • Cleaning of the storage medium surfaces for instance after fire or water damage or massive surface damage
  • Data reconstruction in the case of software damage such as defective file systems or files, virtualised environments or faulty RAID structures

Our clean room conditions

Surrounding area
  • Class ISO 5 clean room in accordance with ISO 14644-1
  • ESD floors
  • Anti-static work surfaces

Technical personnel
  • Clean room protective clothing
  • Protective clothing against static electricity in accordance with EN 1149-5
  • Anti-static wrist cuffs (1 MO)
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