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Experiece reports and case studies

Even if the damage patterns for data rescue cases are similar sometimes, every case and the approach to recovery is unique.

Experience reports

experience report Datenrettung defekte Festplatte

Experience report 1 – Data rescue of a hard disk

with defective write/read heads

The customer informed us that his external 320 GB Western Digital hard drive fell from the table while it was running. Only a rhythmic clacking noise was audible from the interior of the hard disk. more...
experience report datarecovery RAID 5

Experience report 2 – Data rescue of a RAID 5 system

Aborted RAID 5 system rebuild

The rebuild of the RAID 5 system with five SATA hard disks with a capacity of 1 TB was cancelled after several minutes, because an additional hard disk was indicated as defective. more ...
Fatal surface damages, headcrash

Experience report 3 – No data rescue possible

Fatal surface damage

From one activation of the notebook to the next, access to the hard disk was no longer possible. Initially, the hard disk made a clicking noise. After several reboot attempts, a scratching noise also became audible. more ...
experience report datarescue overvoltage

Experience report 4 – Data rescue of an external hard disk

Incorrect power supply was connected

The customer informed us that he erroneously connected his external 500 GB hard disk to the wrong power supply. Afterwards, the hard disk would no longer power up. Following the replacement of the hard disk electronics, it spun up again. more ...
experience report RAID 6 data rescue

Experience report 5 – Data rescue of a RAID 6 system

with failed VMs

The RAID 6 controller did not send an automatic warning message via e-mail. After the failure of the server was discovered, the failure of three hard disks was ascertained. Additionally, several LUNs were installed on the Windows 2008 server. more ...
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