At Attingo there happens a lot. We will inform you of any major changes. Here's the recap of the last current news of us.
  • Mar 31 2016
    Topic: How can FBI access iPhones

    CEO Nicolas Ehrschwendner Interview with Austrian National Television regarding FBI access to iPHones: !

  • Jun 18 2013
    Summer heat can become a hard disk killer - warns Attingo data rescue

    With the tablet on the beach or with the laptop on the sunny alps - we can only strongly advise against it. An internal investigation of manufacturer specifications revealed that current notebooks and tablets are only designed for a maximum operating temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. The summer heat is a problem for PCs, servers and NAS systems, albeit at a different level. “Only a few sunbeams result can in a high temperature”, warns Nicolas Ehrschwendner, managing director of data rescue specialist Attingo. “Few users are informed that their mobile devices are not suitable for outdoor operation, they are meant to be used in air-conditioned offices.” Even a short period of time in a parking car can become in a fiasco. An infrared measurement test of Attingo – done yesterday around lunchtime on car fittings - resulted in a tremendous heat load of 90 degrees Celsius.

  • Apr 18 2013
    Data recovery NAS systems

    The need of a data recovery of NAS (Network Attached Storage) has raised, due to the popularity of NAS systems for small and medium-sized enterprises and by households. NAS systems often contain several hard disks combined in a RAID array, mostly RAID1 (mirroring) or RAID5 and in rare cases, RAID0 (Stripe, no redundancy). Attingo reconstructs the data from all NAS systems, regardless of whether there are faulty hard drives or errors within the file system, even if entire data shares have accidentally been deleted.

  • Jan 29 2013
    Recovery until dawn: "emergency" data recovery increased by 21 percent

    Highly critical data loss cases of companies that require an overnight or weekend "around-the-clock" data rescue are in 2012 increased by more than 21 percent compared to last year.

  • Jun 25 2012
    Hardware encryption in SSD makes data recovery more difficult

    A Data Recovery for SSD, depending on the damage pattern can be very complex and costly.

  • Jun 19 2012
    Heat and Thunderstorms damage computer hard drives: Attingo reports first loss

    Data rescuer provide tips for "E-Health" in the summer - from the Tablet PC to the server, the summer temperatures are reflected not only in the human circulatory system. Also, computer hard drives suffer from the current heat - and the subsequent heat thunderstorms. An iPad at the beach can take damage while stewing in the sun.

  • May 23 2012
    Data Recovery: "In case of a data emergency, all security rules are suddenly suspended"

    Attingo and DeepSec warn: data recovery partners should be pre-audited. Larger companies have sophisticated security policies and process descriptions from backup to data recovery. But emergency plans in an emergency event often fall by the wayside: namely, when defective disk cannot be restored internally and a data recovery is required.

  • Apr 13 2012
    Positive ISO9001 re-audit for Attingo

    Attingo data rescue was certified according to ISO 9001:2008 again this year.

  • Oct 06 2011
    Virtualization favors data loss - Recovery gehts more complicated

    The topic of "Data security in virtualized environments" splits the professionals. On one hand, virtualized systems with multiple servers, virtually united onto hardware are widespread due to space and cost reasons. On the other hand, virtualized systems can be additional sources of error, potentially favoring the loss of data and complicate recovery.

  • Sep 30 2011
    Patient data on used hard drives bought via eBay

    Sensitive patient data from operations of an Austrian rescue organization were found by Attingo in a data recovery routine check disks used for the in-house spare parts inventory. The disks were purchased from Attingo normally on the market platform eBay.

  • Jun 09 2011
    Secure RAID systems: hard disk failures from 2009 to 2010 tripled

    The as a supposedly secure counting RAID technology is used in the industry by more than 95 percent of companies with own servers – this starts with SMEs for only a few employees up to corporations. Multiple hard drives are combined to form an array, which increases the performance and enhanced security is achieved. RAID systems are used for data storage, databases, document management and archiving as well as mail and web servers. Even in case of failure of one or two hard drives, the operation of the RAID is still possible on the remaining disks.

  • May 06 2011
    Attingo is ISO9001 certified

    Die Attingo Datenrettung ist nach ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert und wurde im regelmäßigen Reaudit-Prozess durch Bureau Veritas erneut gelobt.

  • Nov 25 2010
    data rescue extreme: the most exciting cases

    If important data is suddenly lost, it means a state of emergency for the affected. Particularly difficult or sensitive cases lead even professional data recovery companies sometimes to the limits of what is technically feasible. Nevertheless, the experts at Attingo can reconstruct the data in nine out of ten cases. Whether an act of revenge, washed laptops or very old systems: the circumstances of data recovery are sometimes strange, often tricky and as exciting as CSI.

  • Oct 04 2010
    Our Austrian technics-team keeps on growing

    Attingo is happy that Özgür Göksu has joined the Viennese technicans-team.

  • Sep 13 2010
    Attingo at the security-fair it-sa in Nuremberg

    From 19th till 21st October 2010 datarescue experts from Attingo will answer your questions at the security-fair it-sa on stand 322 in Nuremberg.

  • Mar 31 2010
    Over 50 TB of lost data recovered.

    Attingo is specialized for datarecovery with RAID and Enterprise-Storage-Systems. Attingo is constantly reverse-engineering current RAID-controllers and RAID-algorithms. In january 2010 alone Attingo successfully recovered over 50 TB (say 50.000 GByte) of data.

  • Feb 16 2010
    15 year old servers?

    15 year old servers? Just recently the technicians from Attingo recovered data from old HP-UX-Servers. Also with old and exotic systems our technicians are the ones to talk to, when it comes to datarecovery and data reconstruction.

  • Dec 07 2009
    Our Austrian Sales team keeps on growing

    Attingo is happy that Markus Häfele has joined the sales team in Vienna, Austria.

  • Nov 18 2009
    Attingo is Sponsor to the DeepSec 2009 in Vienna

    From 19.-20. of November the In-Depth Security Conference 2009 is in Vienna. Attingo Datarecovery is official Sponsor of the DeepSec 2009 and looking forward to your visit.

  • Oct 20 2009
    Please visit the Attingo stand at the discuss&discover

    From 20-22 October at the discuss&discover in Munich you will be able to meet with the experts of Attingo Datenrettung GmbH.

  • Oct 13 2009
    Attingo at the security-fair it-sa in Nuremberg

    From 13-15 October Attingo datarescue experts and clean room engineers will answer your questions at the security-fair it-sa in Nuremberg.

  • Sep 01 2009
    Our Germany Sales team keeps on growing

    Attingo is happy that Andreas Mortensen has joined the Hamburg sales team.

  • Jun 25 2009
    Attingo rescues hard disks from flood

    The flood causes great damage also to computers and servers. The good news is: in our special laboratory Attingo is in most cases able to reconstruct data from flooded computers. Do not dry the hard disks yourself! Because this will cause more damage. Please vacuum pack the wet disks (eg. In a plastic bag) and send them as quickly as possible to the laboratory of Attingo.

  • May 28 2009
    Man threw PC in river - Attingo rescued the data

    Attingo Data Rescue was successfull in an extremely different case of data reconstruction: a man wanted to get rid of his computer full of illegal materials by dumping it into a river. Only after two months divers could retrieve the fully destroyed machine. Attingo however managed to rescue all data with help of a special procedure.

  • Apr 16 2009
    Attingo on the Linuxweeks 2009 in Vienna

    "Please feel free to visit our stand on the Linuxweeks of this year, between April 16th and 18th in the Vienna Rathaus."

  • Apr 14 2009
    Attingo: success in 90 per cent of cases

    After more than fifteen years of successful data rescue Attingo can be proud: In more than 90 per cent of all cases data could be reconstructed. Nevertheless many companies still underestimate the risk of a loss of data. Damages to databanks with customer information, electronic documents or balances (?) may have fatal consequences for a company.

  • Mar 20 2009
    Attingo warns of unprofessional rescue efforts

    According to an Attingo market research, the larger damage in data rescue happens during unprofessional efforts. Companies still put their trust in and give their precious data to technicians (or sometimes even amateurs) who have no experience with data rescue technologies. This leads to even more damage and higher costs of the professional effort

  • Feb 20 2009
    On problems and defects in Seagate Barracuda hard disks

    "In several internet discussion groups, such as Microsoft Software Forum Network (MSFN), users complain about disfunctioning of hard disks of the Barracuda-7200.11-series (eg. on firmware SD 15 and Site Code KRATSG). According to the disappointed users, many data media all of a sudden are not identified any more by the system or their size is mentioned to have dropped to 0 Byte. The engineers of Attingo have a solution and they are able to reconstruct the data of the damaged disks for a fixed price. More information as well as a list of the damaged models you will find here."

  • Jan 27 2009
    ITnT: Attingo informs about datasecurity in Raid-systems

    On the IT-Fair for professionals ITnT (Tue 27th - Thu 29th of January, in Messe, Vienna) Attingo Data Rescue concentrates completely on the security of Raid-systems. Attingo-technicians have opened up 16 hard disks in their clean room laboratory and have assembled them in a glass cube where they are in use openly in a Raid6-array. The visitors of the Attingo-stand in Hall C (Stand C0321) can receive on the spot information about the risks of Raids - and of course also about all other aspects of data rescue. We are looking forward to your visit and will grant you free entry.

  • Jan 08 2009
    Attingo welcomes Karl Flammersfeld as chief of sales

    Attingo Data Rescue is very happy to have a top-man as the new chief of sales for Europe: Karl Flammersfeld, who was for over ten years the manager of Ibas before this data rescue company was taken over by an american enterprise, will already up from this very moment lead the sales department of Attingo Data Rescue. He will certainly give the ongoing expansion of Attingo as the european alternative in professional data rescue even more substance.

  • Nov 17 2008
    The Attingo-office in Hamburg expands!

    On November 17th 2008 the new clean room laboratory in Warnstedtstra

  • Nov 14 2008
    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

    "Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has published a new hard disk for laptops: the "Travelstar 5K500.B" with a storage capacity of 500 Gigabyte (GB). The engineers of Attingo Data Rescue are already working on reconstruction-algorythms for this type."

  • Nov 04 2008
    GB: government data messed up with

    A new mess around data has shocked Great-Britain: on a parking place a Memory-Stick was found with the usernames and passwords of taxpayers. The website of the Ministry had to be closed. Attingo warns that also apparently erased Memory-Sticks can still be reconstructed by data rescue experts!

  • Oct 14 2008
    Himalaya-movie rescued thanks to Attingo

    Recently a camerateam was making a TV-documentary in the Himalaya's at 4000 meters above sealevel. Because of the low air-pressure the extremely thin layer of air on which the write-head of the hard disk rests, was too thin. A head-crash was the consequence but at Attingo the data could be rescued

  • Oct 06 2008
    Analysis of a new Terabyte hard disk

    "Western Digital has presented a new hard disk with a capacity of one Terabyte. The "WD Caviar Green" would save up to 20 per cent energy and produce less heat. The engineers of Attingo are working already on a reconstruction method for these disks."

  • Oct 01 2008
    Attingo helps victims of fire in Vienna

    Attingo was able to help the victims of a fire in Vienna. Both precious dates from a completely melted PC and USB-Harddisks were repaired by the Attingo engineers in their clean room laboratory and handed over to the owner.

  • Sep 25 2008
    Attingo helps to clear a case of child pornography

    Attingo Data Rescue managed to solve a remarkable case: a hard disk had been erased and thrown into the water. By this way apparently important evidence in a child pornography case was to be got rid of. However the specialists of Attingo managed to restore the damaged data for the full 100 per cent and made it possible for the judges to present vital evidence.

  • Sep 16 2008
    Attingo Data Rescue analyses first 1,5 Terabyte hard disk

    Recently hard disk manufacturer Seagate presented the world's first 1.5-Terabyte hard disk, the Barracuda® 7200.11 1.5TB. The engineers at Attingo Data Rescue are working already on a diagnosis procedure for this new generation of hard disks.

  • May 15 2008
    Attingo on the Linuxweeks 2008 in Vienna

    "Please visit our stand again on the Linuxweeks 2008 in Vienna, from 15.05. until 17.05. Attingo Data Rescue was happy, that the Linuxweeks 2007 als Sponsor could be supported."

  • Apr 15 2008
    Attingo Data Rescue warns of loss of data from external hard disks.

    Threefold increase of loss of data from external hard drives in one year. Attingo gives tips about how to handle an external hard disk and avoid loss of data

  • Mar 02 2008
    The storm "Emma" has caused considerable damage in parts of Austria and Germany.

    Attingo Data Rescue is in most cases able to reconstruct data even if the data medium is physically badly damaged. For victims of natural disasters we offer 50 per cent reduction on the diagnosis of the data media.

  • Feb 08 2008
    Attingo on the IT´n´T

    "Attingo Data Rescue was the subject of discussion on the Vienna Technology Fair ITnT: Over 2500 professionals had themselves informed at our stand and by the mobile Attingo-"meds" about what professional data rescue can do when the situation is really urgent."

  • Feb 05 2008
    Attingo on the IT´n´T

    Attingo is looking forward to meet you between the 5th and 7th of February on IT´n´T 2008 in Vienna!

  • Sep 19 2007
    Working in IT?

    As an IT-company you can now extend your product selection with professional data rescue, by becoming a partner of Attingo.

  • Jun 21 2007
    N. Ehrschwendner interviewed by Pro7 Nachrichten

    Manager Dipl. Ing. Nicolas Ehrschwendner tells about heat and it's fatal consequences for hard disks.

  • Jun 10 2007
    Heavy thunder storms in and around Vienna - Attingo helps

    "Attingo offers free data rescue diagnosis to the victims (map of storm) of last Sunday's thunder storm."

  • May 31 2007
    Attingo on the Linuxweeks 2007 in Vienna

    "Attingo Data Rescue was happy to have been able to support the Linuxweeks 2007 (31.05. - 03.06.) as sponsor."

  • Apr 20 2007
    Laboratory in Austria becomes a clean room

    With a clean room of the level 1:1000 Attingo will be able to solve also the final 3% of hard ware cases.

  • Jan 13 2006
    Images on Flashcards are not lost.

    Attingo Data Rescue ® in Vienna, Austria shows how images on Flashcards can be reconstructed.

  • Apr 11 2005
    Datasecurity is still datasecurity is still datasecurity

    Attingo ® employees are experts in datasecurity. Datasecurity is the backbone of Attingo Data Rescue ®.

  • Nov 15 2004
    When your data is suddenly lost.

    Manager Dipl. Ing. Nicolas Ehrschwendner tells about what you should do and should not do in case of loss of data.

  • Nov 03 2004
    Data rescue in the emergency phone numbers

    Whether you are in Vienna, Sankt Pölten, Salzburg, Linz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Graz, Eisenstadt or Bregenz - Attingo ® can be reached for free.

  • Oct 30 2003
    Listed in "Who is Who"

    Niki Ehrschwendner has been listed in the worldwide databank of "Who is Who".

  • Oct 17 2002
    Data rescue after a flood

    Attingo ® Datenrettungs GmbH about the manyfold possibilities of data rescue in case of water damage

  • May 12 2000
    Tracing virus-programmers

    Manager Dipl. Ing. Nicolas Ehrschwendner tells about the possibilities to trace virus-programmers

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