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Here is an excerpt from the press of Attingo Datarescue. We have archived a selection of the press on our sites. Please feel free to contact us to ask in the subject of data recovery, data destruction, computer security and data carriers.

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  • Mar 31 2016
    Topic: How can FBI access iPhones

    CEO Nicolas Ehrschwendner Interview with Austrian National Television regarding FBI access to iPHones: !

  • Jun 18 2013
    Summer heat can become a hard disk killer - warns Attingo data rescue

    With the tablet on the beach or with the laptop on the sunny alps - we can only strongly advise against it. An internal investigation of manufacturer specifications revealed that current notebooks and tablets are only designed for a maximum operating temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. The summer heat is a problem for PCs, servers and NAS systems, albeit at a different level. “Only a few sunbeams result can in a high temperature”, warns Nicolas Ehrschwendner, managing director of data rescue specialist Attingo. “Few users are informed that their mobile devices are not suitable for outdoor operation, they are meant to be used in air-conditioned offices.” Even a short period of time in a parking car can become in a fiasco. An infrared measurement test of Attingo – done yesterday around lunchtime on car fittings - resulted in a tremendous heat load of 90 degrees Celsius.

  • Apr 18 2013
    Data recovery NAS systems

    The need of a data recovery of NAS (Network Attached Storage) has raised, due to the popularity of NAS systems for small and medium-sized enterprises and by households. NAS systems often contain several hard disks combined in a RAID array, mostly RAID1 (mirroring) or RAID5 and in rare cases, RAID0 (Stripe, no redundancy). Attingo reconstructs the data from all NAS systems, regardless of whether there are faulty hard drives or errors within the file system, even if entire data shares have accidentally been deleted.

  • Jan 29 2013
    Recovery until dawn: "emergency" data recovery increased by 21 percent

    Highly critical data loss cases of companies that require an overnight or weekend "around-the-clock" data rescue are in 2012 increased by more than 21 percent compared to last year.

  • Jun 25 2012
    Hardware encryption in SSD makes data recovery more difficult

    A Data Recovery for SSD, depending on the damage pattern can be very complex and costly.

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