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Since more than 20 years is Attingo leading in data rescue.
High-Tech cleanroom-labs in Vienna, Hamburg, Amsterdam.

About Attingo data rescue

Mission statement

Attingo data rescue has set itself the task of recovering data that has been seemingly been lost irretrievably. We place particular emphasis on personal customer support and consultation. To provide this, we only use trained personnel at our facilities.

Your advantages at Attingo data rescue

  • Data rescue is solely performed in the in-house clean room laboratories in Vienna. We do not send storage media to third parties or even abroad. Many international companies and data recovery providers rely on our services.

  • The price of the quote is based on the effort required to perform the data reconstruction. You will not encounter dubious invoicing according to gigabytes or flat-rate fees.

  • We have been successfully reconstructing data since 1997, which means we have been providing our services for more than 20 now.

  • Attingo is certified in accordance with the quality management standard ISO9001:2008.

  • Our in-house research and development department ensures continuous optimal results and performance during data rescue instances.

  • Attingo is specialized in the reconstruction of complex RAID, server and virtualisation systems. Attingo has self-developed software for the simulation of RAID controllers at its disposal.

  • 0-24 hours, 7 days a week – Attingo offers data rescue around the clock, even on weekends and bank holidays.

  • You can also view your reconstructed data at our facilities.

  • Attingo is the leader of the Austrian market and managed by the owner.

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Data rescue 24/7

Professional data rescue also entails that we are available to our customers around the clock. In particular in the case of a RAID data rescue (or server data recovery), in urgent cases we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with our entire highly qualified technical staff and our clean room laboratories in Hamburg, Vienna and Amsterdam. We are well aware of the consequences of RAID failures and reconstruct data from failed servers and RAID systems every day.

Press releases and international trade shows

You can find press reports in regard to the topic of data recovery and data loss, reports in the press on Attingo as well as dates for trade fairs and exhibitions in the press section.


Attingo is an owner-managed company with offices in Vienna, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Each location has its own class ISO 5 clean room laboratory, which is equipped with the most modern technology. Currently, 14 employees are employed in technology, customer care and development.


CEO Attingo Datenrettung Austria
Nicolas Ehrschwendner
Nicolas Ehrschwendner is the managing director of Attingo Austria and has been active in the IT business for more than 25 years. As commercial manager of the Attingo group, the safeguarding of the high quality standards in customer care are the core focus.

Expert knowledge: Data rescue in the storage environment: RAID 5 data rescue, RAID 6 data rescue, generation of virtual machines in various environments as well as the programming of the in-house data rescue software and the programming of individual tools.

CEO Attingo Datenrettung Germany
Peter Franck
Peter Franck is the managing director of Attingo Germany and has been active in the data rescue business for more than 20 years. As technical director, he is responsible for the expansion of the core competence of the technicians and engineers as well as the development of new and improved procedures for data rescue. Worked as an UN weapons inspector as a computer forensic expert.

Expert knowledge: Data rescue in the Unix environment: Linux with ext2, ext3, ext4, XFS, Reiser-FS, Unix (HP-UX, AIX). Development of tools as well as procedures and software for data rescue. Research in the area of data reconstruction as well as data registration procedures.

your contact person: Maximilian Maurer
your contact person
Maximilian Maurer

customer support
phone: +43 1 236 01 01

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Data rescue in High Priority 24/7

In the case of data loss, you can reach us from Mon-Sun, 0-24 hours. Qualified engineers will handle your data rescue case around the clock.

24/7 data rescue
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Datarescue in our own clean rooms

Own cleanroom laboratory. Attingo Datarescue: Made in Austria.

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