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Our expert knowledge of databases

Thanks to extensive experience, we are ideally prepared, irrespective of the damaged database.

The data rescue of databases

Attingo data rescue engineers have extensive knowledge of the structure and organisation of all common database systems. Continuous research and permanent reverse engineering efforts ensure that we are prepared for data loss of databases.

Causes for data loss of databases

  • Failure of the storage system

    Databases are stored on storage systems. This can be a single hard disk, a RAID array or the image of a virtualised server. All types of data loss, which can occur on these storage systems, consequently affect the databases that are stored on them. More detailed information on data loss in RAID systems as well as virtualised servers.
  • Errors in the file system

    Errors in the file system can lead to the loss of data in databases. A sudden crash of the operating system or a power failure can cause transactions not to be written correctly and leads to the loss of data. The so-called 0 byte problem is also a common symptom: The database now only has a file size of 0 bytes. To prevent that the damage is exacerbated even further, it is especially important that the server is turned off immediately and no longer connected to power.
  • Deleted database, tables or datasets

    A data rescue is also possible in the case of the accidental deletion of datasets or even of the entire database. In this case, again, immediately turn off the server!

Attingo data rescue technicians are specialised in the reconstruction of databases. Our engineers know exactly how the database files of the various manufacturers are constructed. In particular, the consistency and integrity are of paramount importance in the case of database applications. Only when it can be exactly defined which tables, which datasets and which relationships contain correct data, the reconstructed data will be of value. A professional verification, for instance the relations or plausibility checks of the errors, are required in many cases.

Attingo data rescue has more than 20 years of experience in the reconstruction of databases, starting with dBase or Clipper up to MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle systems. Our database specialists all have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the development of database applications. We are also prepared for your case! In urgent cases, we can also reconstruct your data around the clock.

Datarescue of databases and database management systems

Your next steps

Assistance in the case of data loss

In most cases, data loss leads to a state of emergency. Please contact us! Our job is to reduce the damage you experience resulting from data loss to a minimum.

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your contact person
Andreas Mortensen

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Data rescue in High Priority 24/7

In the case of data loss, you can reach us from Mon-Sun, 0-24 hours. Qualified engineers will handle your data rescue case around the clock.

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