Data Rescue 24/7

High Priority: around the clock 24/7

Attingo performs the datarecovery already during the diagnosis.
You will receive an offer on the basis of actual expenditures.

High Priority Emergency Service

With the High Priority option, Attingo will reconstruct your data as quickly as technically possible. Around the clock, seven days a week. High Priority is available as an option with the Business Service. The procedure is identical to the one used with the Business Service. Diagnosis costs in regard to the business diagnosis: € 650.00 ex. VAT / € 780.00 incl. VAT

24/7 Hotline for High Priority cases:
+43 1 236 01 01, +49 40 54 88 75 60 or +31 252 621 625

Our specialists will assist you


The High Priority Service includes the collection of your defective storage medium by courier, free of charge (Austria, Germany, The Netherlands).
Optionally, against a fee, we also offer direct pick-up.

Diagnosis, data rescue

Attingo will already perform the data rescue during the diagnosis. You will receive a list of the files of all data that can be recovered.

Diagnosis report, offer

You will receive both a diagnosis report as well as a quote for the data rescue, target storage medium and possibly packaging and transport, optionally a direct delivery.

Order received

When you accept the offer, we will copy the recovered data to a new storage medium. Depending on the amount of data, we can offer the reconstructed data as an encrypted download.

Delivery of the recovered data

After receipt of payment, the recovered data will be delivered. The defective storage medium can be disposed of without charge, sent together with the recovered data or picked up by you.


Special conditions for the High Priority Service

  • In the case of storage media that has already been opened or manipulated (e.g. replacement of the electronics), separate diagnosis prices will be agreed upon.
  • Attingo reserves the right (for instance in the case of particular problems or failed storage media) to negotiate separate diagnosis prices or to refuse a diagnosis or data rescue order.


Delivery, returns and risk of transport

  • After making an appointment, you can deliver the defective storage medium to the laboratory or it can be packaged correctly and sent to us by post or courier service. We would be happy to also collect it free of charge by a courier service. In the case of shipment, please also include the correctly completed and signed diagnosis order with the storage medium. (You will receive this order after completing our online form via e-mail.)
  • Should you decline the offer or if a data rescue is not possible and you want us to return the defective storage medium back to you, this is only possible by courier service. The costs for packaging and shipment usually run at between EUR 20.00 and EUR 30.00 incl. VAT. Alternatively, you can collect the storage medium from us after making an appointment or assigning a courier service yourself.
  • Our courier services have been selected by us with great care. However, the risk lies solely with the customer. Attingo does not accept any liability for damages or consequential damages, which could arise due to lost storage media or media that is damaged during transport. Alternatively, you are welcome to hand in and collect the storage media personally at our laboratory.


Extended diagnosis

In rare cases, we offer an extended diagnosis to you:
  • The chances for a successful data rescue are clearly below average.
  • The degree of effort required for the data reconstruction is clearly above average.
  • Special development work is required for the data rescue case.
The offer will specify the expected duration as well as the costs for the extended diagnosis. If the order is given in this case, then the costs are due irrespective of the success of the diagnosis and/or data recovery.

Terms of payment

All invoices must be paid in advance to our account or in cash at pick-up. The recovery of the data as well as the shipment of the storage medium will only be performed after the payment has been completed.

Special conditions for diagnosis and data rescue

  • Specifications in regard to the required time are an average indication and can deviate in individual cases.
  • Depending on the problem present, it may be necessary to open and work on the storage medium in the clean room during the diagnosis and/or data rescue.
  • In very seldom cases damage can occur to the storage medium while the diagnosis is being performed. This is for instance the case when there already is severe surface damage present and in spite of the special procedures additional sectors become damaged during the read-out.
  • If you want us to return your storage media after completion of the diagnosis or data rescue, the case will be closed and an offer that has already been made will no longer be valid.
your contact person: Andreas Mortensen
your contact person
Andreas Mortensen

customer support
phone: +49 40 54 88 75 60

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Data rescue in High Priority 24/7

In the case of data loss, you can reach us from Mon-Sun, 0-24 hours. Qualified engineers will handle your data rescue case around the clock.

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